Snow Day

First official snow day of the winter today. No school, no work. We got a little over 5 inches of the white stuff yesterday and another couple inches today-I’ve missed seeing the white stuff this season. Call me crazy, but I think there should actually be snow on the ground during a New England winter. Granted, we got more than our fair share last season, and the snowpocalypse nor’easter in October wasn’t cool in the least.
But there’s something calming and peaceful about snow falling. A hush that falls and allows you to take a deep cleansing breath and appreciate the beauty around you. I watched the snow swirl gently past my window all day today, and I was thankful for my nice warm house, my two doggies who snuggled wif mama all day, my girls who were clearly in need of an extra day of rest, and my dear husband, who sadly had to work today.
Its a good thing there was no work for me because I had a flare up with my “unexplained” all over muscle/bone pain today, so I’ve been taking it very easy. I get these flare ups every few months and it puts me out of commission for a day every time. It feels like every muscle in my body is trying to push all my bones apart. Blood tests have been inconclusive but fibromyalgia runs in the family, as does renaud’s syndrome- which I do have. And I just read somewhere that this type of thing can be linked to menopause…. Oh joy! But anyhow, I stayed warm and cozy today watching the snow fall. Grateful for a snow day!