Where is the Love? Right Here on WordPress!

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The logo of the blogging software WordPress. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Over the last day or three I have been honored and humbled to receive several more peer blogging awards from two individuals who knock me dead with their creativity, passion, and genuine niceness. Please go visit their blog sites and fall in love with them – right now!  Wait – finish reading this first though  😉 “J.” at  littlefurrow  , Her poetry is simply amazing. And, Gina at professionsforpeace. Her heart and compassion shine through in every word she writes. I am going to nominate a few of my fellow writers for these awards. I have no idea how many yet – I’ll just go till I stop I guess.  There’s so much inspiration, caring, support, passion and respect here. I truly feel welcome – and I hope I am welcoming to all who visit me. So, now to proceed with my nominations and a little blurb about each of them. I really hope you take the time to visit their websites; learn, and be inspired too. One of my intentions with this process is to give them a “go-see” shout out. They have wonderful things to say and in many cases, art to share.  Well worth the time to peruse. If you like me, then I think you’ll love them.

Sharon at aleafinspringtime. Sunshine Award, Genuine Blogger Award, Reader Appreciation Award. Ahh Sharon – you light up my life!  Your gentle,supportive and insightful outlook is just what I need, right when I need it. Sharon is a cup of herbal tea in a harsh coffee world. And that’s a good thing – even though I love my coffee!

Barney at mountainperspective. Genuine Blogger Award, Reader Appreciation Award. My transplanted New Englander friend and top commenter. Much appreciated!  One may not agree with everything he says but he says everything respectfully, thoughtfully and carefully – taking great care to do his research.  Can’t get more genuine than that!

Kelly at dailymomprayers. Very Inspiring Blogger Award, Reader Appreciation Award. Kelly is awesome at finding silver linings and lessons in living in the everyday – and relating them to becoming a better person with a stronger connection to God. Wordsmith extraordinaire! One of my greatest supporters and very much appreciated!

Arnel at allthingsboys. Kreativ Blogger Award, Reader Appreciation Award. Arnel has a wonderful eye for composition, perspective, and framing in her photography. Not only that, but she is a gifted writer as well. Lightning struck twice in her case – in the best way possible.  Her support is also much appreciated.

David at  thoughtsfromtheoutdoors. Genuine Blogger Award, Reader Appreciation Award. David ‘s unique blend of poetry and photography is compelling.  He writes and takes pictures from the heart, and always gives back to other bloggers by commenting positively on their work.

Deb at sixtineandthelittlethings. Genuine Blogger Award, Kreativ Blogger Award. Deb’s got her hands full with a beautiful little girl.  I love her honesty, her genuine curiosity about parenting and her willingness to share her journey with the rest of us. And, her photography rocks!  (shes got a great subject too 😉 )

Go see their sites, and enjoy your weekend One and All!    Love and Hugs, and Happy Mother’s Day!