Atlantic vs Pacific Sunsets

Hard to choose, isn’t it?  The picture on the top was taken with an Olympus 5 mp digital camera on Wingaersheek Beach in Gloucester MA July 2008.  I was with my daughters on a girls weekend – taking a sunset cruise on the Annisquam River.  I have no idea who those folks are, but they give the photo a dreamy quality I really like.  The second photo was taken at Ocean Shores Beach  Ocean Shores, WA in August 2007. You can actually drive your car down to the beach and sit on it to watch the sun set.  Its a nightly “event” (no pun intended).  I like the light reflections in the water’s edge on the strip where the seagull is standing   The Gloucester picture has been slightly  lightened and sharpened with Photoshop. The Ocean Shores photo has been color balanced. (just tweaked ever so slightly).  Whether you are an East Coaster or a West Coaster – its a beautiful world we live in, isn’t it?  Please comment. I love to hear from you.