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Here are some more pictures I took on our trip to New Hampshire with my Canon EOS Rebel, in the order they were shot. We made quite a few stops on the way up to get many of  these shots. … Continue reading

Taking a Deep Breath

I never got around to posting last night.  We got back from Maine about 4:30 and I promptly decided to take a 2 hour nap.  Got up, ate dinner, watched a movie and went back to bed.  The last week or so caught up with me and “Gibbs-slapped” me right in the back of the head.   “To sleep, perchance to dream!”. But if I did, I don’t remember.

We left Tuesday night for Brent’s cousins house outside of Concord.  Both Jocelyn and I forgot our cameras, and wouldn’t you know it – the changeable weather made for some spectacular cloudscapes and the mist rising through the pines and across the marshes and lakes was haunting and eerily beautiful. Alas, no photos.  We seriously have to remember to take the camera  when we walk out the door – every time – because ya never know, yanno?  Still, it was nice not having to drive and I love my heated seats!!  Or, I should say, my back loves my heated seats.

Aunt Cora Jo’s services were held over in Kittery Maine yesterday morning, about an hour from Concord.  Lovely and simple.  The family then gathered for a picnic at the Eliot Boat Basin on the Piscataqua River.  (divides NH and ME at Portsmouth ) Brent and I just saw the family at the reunion back in April for Auntie CJ.  Her boys Rick and Robbie both said over and over how much she enjoyed that gathering.  We brought the girls with us this time, it’s been 4 years since they’ve seen that much of the family. Catching up was great.

I also have to say how absolutely beautiful coastal Maine is in the early summer.  Gotta be one of the loveliest places on earth.  Old Victorian houses freshly repainted.  Clapboard cottages with white picket fences, and the roses in full bloom alongside. Irises and the last of the lilacs drooping over the sidewalks.  I could see the townies getting ready, gearing up for the onslaught of tourists sure to arrive when schools start letting out later this month.  Taking a deep breath, enjoying the peace and calm in the moment.  I managed to do so as well.  Much needed.  If I regret anything, it’s that it took a sad event to make me stop for a minute, and take that time to appreciate things.  Today is also the fifth anniversary of my father’s passing. I’m experiencing some synchronicity at this moment. He’d be pleased I was able to find some serenity. Peace, out.

Photo Essay: Water

I’ve always had a fascination with and for water. I gave my mother numerous heart attacks when I was little when we went to the lake or the beach because I had absolutely no fear of it – and still don’t. These are some of my favorite pictures. Enjoy!