These are Awards that I have paid forward to others, after receiving them from my blogging peers.  Thank you, very much!  I’ve intended this page not to pat myself on the back, but to provide a “repository” of these awards/images  so that y’all can right-click,  hit view info on the image and save it on your computers so that  you can pass any of these on to those you feel deserve it.

This is how I do the awards thing:   Please note that I’m not into the whole “you have to do something/answer 20 questions etc etc etc”  in order to accept the award. To me, that’s very “facebook-y”  and if you want to know more about me, check my about page, or start back and forth  emails, message/comments with me.  So, I don’t require anyone do any of that stuff when I nominate for a peer award.  For the illuminating blog award I do request that you link back to the original page and leave a comment there. Please read that awards post and link to the information provided there.  Thanks!  Otherwise,  I will post, link to their website and write a note about why I feel my blogger friend deserves the award I’m sending them, then “heads up” comment or message them.  It’s just the way I’m doing it, please feel free to do your own thing.  I will be adding awards only as I receive them myself – with one exception. I created my own “Inspiration Award” using my photo.  The criteria for that one is self-explanatory….  lol 😉



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