Growing Up, and Letting Go.

Thought I would post these today, with permission of course.  Time slips away and these moments are gone before you realize it.  Thank You Baby Girl – for allowing me to save them and share them. You’re beautiful!  May 3, 2014


12 thoughts on “Growing Up, and Letting Go.

  1. Precious and beautiful girls! The time passes so quickly!

    I’ve been thinking of you this week. My peonies were attacked by a ferocious and unexpected hailstorm the last week of May. Half the plants were broken to bits….and the fence perpendicular to those shielded our others. So thankful for that!

    They’re blooming this week…..just not QUITE as many as I’d hoped for or expected.

    How are your peonies?

    • Hi there! The peonies are over at my mothers house. I haven’t checked on them yet. We have had a lot of changes and some tragedy so far this year. My stepfather passed away in February, and my mother has been diagnosed with dementia, and is in LTC, in process of clearing out the house in order to sell it. I don’t want the peonies to remain there, and I’m hoping to bring them to my house. Can I dig them up soon and replant in a shady area?

      • I am so sorry to hear that! I remember reading earlier this year about your mom and your caregiving. I didn’t know about your stepfather though.

        How are you holding up under all of this?

        Here is a link I found from a horticulturist on transplanting peonies: It looks like you can do it for sure, altho he recommends waiting til September. I hope you can save them!

        Blessings to you—and may you find the strength you need for all you are being called to do in this season!

        • I’m doing ok, just really stressed. My stepdad was relatively unexpected. Mom got her diagnosis in September, but seemed very early stage. After Joe died, she just decompensated so fast.

          • We’ve seen that happen in our own family, with various beloved aunts/uncles who’d had long lives together. I guess it can be a terrible shock for the remaining spouse.

            Hugs to you! I hope you can find spaces in your life to get a latte, read a book or do something recharging. Caregiving can be awfully taxing on the caregivers.

          • I’ve been putting the pedal to the metal since March. And of course work…my family etc etc I need a getaway desperately!!!

          • Hoping you’ll be able to receive one soon! I think I told you the last time we commented that I got myself into a rather desperate physical situation b/c I was doing family caregiving but sort of ignoring my own health and my own needs. I am STILL regaining strength and stamina from that. I only mention that b/c I know how challenging that caregiving life can become. But I’ll be sending good wishes for moments, days or weeks here and there for refreshment for you, AND your loved ones! SOON! 🙂

  2. D, she is indeed. She seems vibrant, smart and funny. She wears her hair similar to my daughter who is like this. Thanks for sharing. I hope you are doing as well as you can with all that has been going on. All the best, BTG

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