Happy Birthday America!

I am posting this as a birthday wish. I wish we could treat everyone equally, with respect, with dignity, and with courtesy. Every day.  This young woman illustrates the best in us.  Blind and developmentally disabled – she soars – and becomes the most able. There is hope, but we have to – we MUST – work at it. Happy Birthday everyone, love and light to all!

7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday America!

  1. While visiting family a few months back, we attended our niece’s schools basketball game (she is on the cheerleading squad). In the last couple of minutes of the game, the coach put in a player who appeared to have downs syndrom. He stood under the basket and the team worked the ball to home to let him take some shots. The opponents did not make this easy, but also allowed them to get the ball to him and stood a few steps back while guarding him. The gesture did not change the outcome of the game, but gave him the chance to be involved. I think that at times we are a more accepting society

    • Our high school choir has 2 kids with MR/DD participating. The kids are quite inclusive and protective of them. It’s a slow go, but society is getting there! Thanks for stopping by and sharing.

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