Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree

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Heres the song reference, a little before my time but good music NEVER goes out of style,  does it?

The air smells divine this evening.  Yes, I can actually smell the apple blossoms this year – albeit faintly.  Its FINALLY May in New England.  Wedding Season.   I should head up to Stanley Park soon as things should be in  full flower up there by now.  But my side yard beckoned this afternoon.  I like the play of light and shadow on the leaves and blossoms.  There was quite a breeze but the blossoms held on strong.  Its sure been a lovely day today.  We could use some rain – which I understand is finally in the forecast this week thankfully.  Not much else to say.  I’m gonna let the pictures do the talking.  I hope you all  like them!  HUGS!


5 thoughts on “Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree

  1. Makes you feel young. You reminded me of something I did this weekend that I have never done. I listened to a full show of “Prairie Home Companion” on NPR driving back with my son’s stuff from college (he was in another car, as he probably would have changed the station). They had these three Brooklyn bred women who did Andrews Sisters era songs. It was such a delightful change of pace. Even though some of the show was corny, I could not change the station. Best wishes Donna. Go hold hands with the Viking under the apple trees. BTG

    • He’s not in shape for hand holding at the moment, having an issue with either gout or repetitive stress injury. But we did enjoy some time on the deck last night, sipping some moscato (me) and Guinness (him). The sunset was spectacular (what we could see of it).

  2. Pretty Photographs and I really like the Andrew Sisters ( specifically their song “Steppin out tonight”…when I first discovered it..I could not stop listening to it ).

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