Nostalgia and Summer Magic

It’s not quite again summer yet; but I feel the need to return to a less complicated time and place. Enjoy!

My Magnificent Mess

With apologies to Mr King (I edited the tense and changed the year)

“All the same, the past feels very close just now. Maybe it’s just the golden cast of the declining summer light, which has always struck me as slightly supernatural. It’s as if 1970 were still right here, only hidden beneath a flimsy film of intervening years”. ~ Stephen King, 11/22/63

Perhaps it’s because we were both born and reside in New England, albeit different generations, but I “get” Stephen King. His writing just lingers in my brain, mulling around – until I come out with some seemingly random quote that makes sense to absolutely no one but me. The quote above fits my feelings, thoughts and mood PERFECTLY today. It’s certainly because I am on holiday from my job this week! And lastly, perhaps it’s also because my children are now officially on their summer break…

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4 thoughts on “Nostalgia and Summer Magic

    • Thanks. Glad you liked it! Was hoping you’d also comment on my last post? 😉 Your feedback is important. I’m off- mulching where I weeded yesterday and sore in places I wasn’t even aware I had the capability to be sore in. How does the insides of ones elbows get sore??? Oh well I’m not 20 anymore for certain. Have a great and lovely day!

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