Afternoon Meanderings

IMG_7940 copy2 watermarkedEarly Spring Water Meadow along Rte 23  Blandford, MA

IMG_7953 copywatermarkedView from the Blandford Country Club. North Street Blandford MA  Looking down into Springfield….

IMG_7983 watermarkedSpring Stream. Algerie Road, North Blandford MA

IMG_8093watermarked IMG_8098 copywatermarkedStone Walls along the Roadway near Long Pond Conservation Area.  Algerie Road North Blandford MA

IMG_8028 watermarkedIMG_8040 watermarkedCanadian Goose in its element, and Remnants of a Beaver Dam, Long Pond Conservation Area.  Algerie Road North Blandford, MA

And last but by no means least, my traveling companion and chauffeur for the afternoon – The Viking – patiently waiting pondside while I trekked in and got pictures. And no, I didn’t fall in, or get muddy!

IMG_8024 watermarked

It was really wonderful to meander those back roads today. I grew up there and nostalgia waxed large as I noted how much had changed – and how much had stayed the same.  The afternoon light is becoming more and more spring-like even though there’s still plenty of snow on the ground up in the hills.  The sounds of water cascading over the rocky stream beds, the wind rushing through the pines and dry reed beds, the honking chatter of the geese and ducks – all made for a peaceful backdrop to my self-imposed photo assignment.  Hell, I’ll call it what it was -THERAPY.    I came home with numb fingers and ears, but quite contented. Best of all, I got to spend the afternoon with my guy!



13 thoughts on “Afternoon Meanderings

  1. I like the photo of the stream with snow on the banks. The water on the rocks draws you into the scene. I can hear the splashing water, feel the dampness, and smell the fresh earth thawing.

    • What can I say, he’s just a furnace! Must be those Scandinavian genes! It was warm in the sunshine (so he said!), provided we could stay out of the wind. Saturday (when we went on our adventure) was quite breezy ; but Sunday that wind was HOWLING. Our area has been under red flag warnings for high risk of fire and dry conditions the last week or so. Typical for this area at this time of year, but not fun. Back to The Viking – he really does have a high metabolism – has to sleep with his feet outside the covers. I, on the other extreme, am always bundled up. Flannel pants and a hoodie sweatshirt are “de rigeur” for this chick to sleep comfortably except at the height of summer. Saturday he had on a t shirt and jeans. I had silk thermals on under my jeans, a sweater, boots, and a wool pea coat – and I still felt like a popsicle when I got home. Go figure! 😉 Thanks for writing!

    • Yeah, one from the Californian, wearing long sleeves on the beach! 😉 Got to be tough to weather a New England winter. (Momma E, she’s my cuz, so we razz each other). Our snow is gone in WV now, and bulbs and wildflowers popping up.

  2. OMG! I used to play golf almost every day at the Blandford CC. I actually took up and learned the game there while I was between college graduation and going into the Air Force. As I recall, the fairways you are standing on were across the street from the CC building, or at least it was at that time. Talk about old memories! Thanks for sharing these great shots!

    • Thanks Barney! Yes the CC is still set up that way. I set up those series of shots on a large maple tree stump. That tree must’ve been well over a hundred and was lost in either the October storm or Hurricane Sandy. 😦 When I was a younger lady and still living up there we used to sneak onto the course and watch the moonrise – ahem! 😉 As you might remember its also a GREAT place to watch the Springfield Fireworks- provided its not too humid and hazy. I attended my childhood “sitter”‘s wedding reception there as well.

      Meandering around Blandford yesterday made me really notice how much its both changed and stayed the same. The gigantic Pine at the top of the hill where 23 forks towards Otis is gone. Us 4-H ers used to string thousands of lights on it at Christmas – and we had a living manger set up at the DPW site next to the parking lot. The shady old pines in the colonial cemetery are completely gone, my old elementary school ( the one I hid behind to skip CCD and hang out in Watson Park) is now a head start facility – all the kids are bussed to Russell Elementary now.. The general store is quite swanky these days and I’m sure no longer sells penny candy. In middle school we used to get to the bus stop at the Elementary School early, pool our change and RUN to the store for penny candy. It was always a “challenge” to get back before the buses arrived to take us to Huntington.

      The weird thing for me ( I guess I have an active imagination) was that I felt like I was looking at a veneer of Blandford the whole time – ;like I could just peel it off like the protective cover on my smart phone -and it would return to my memory of it. I could really see that memory just beneath the surface. On the way home we turned up Blair Road and went past the cemetery where my grandmother is resting. Unfortunately it was way too muddy to stop. My sister and I have to get some of our Dad’s ashes up there to inter with her. We think they’d both like that.

      • I haven’t been to Westfield/Russell in well over 40 years now. Not since my Grandmother died. I often think about the old times there, and in So. Hadley where I mostly grew up, and some of the memories. But, like you, I fear a new veneer over the places, and I would be glad to see the changes, and sad at the same time for the passage of time, the passage of my history into oblivion. Time marches on, and we have to let our pasts go, but thats not always a great thing.

        • Its good to remember the past but unhealthy to dwell there for too long – because as you say, time marches on. And we can only move forward with it. I was just feeling very nostalgic, still am – and thats OK. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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