A Beautiful Dawn in the New Year

My mother called very early yesterday morning. I expected it on January 9th because it was Mayhem’s birthday and Mom always calls first thing in the morning to wish her grandchildren a Happy Birthday.  I was not expecting an early call a few days later; so when I saw the caller ID I admit to panicking a bit.  Last year was not a good year health- wise for either my Mom or my step-Dad… sooo yeah.  Fortunately, she was just calling to alert me to the dawn.  She also calls for “rainbow alerts”, and gorgeous sunsets, and unusual bird sightings – outside of our usual conversations.  I will miss that when she passes, which won’t be for awhile yet if I have anything to say about it (which I don’t, but still…).

I threw on a jacket, grabbed my camera, and headed outside in my slippers to the back yard. Our property abuts the dike along the Westfield River, facing southwest(ish) if you’re looking directly out my kitchen door – so the sun actually rises in the winter just outside of left frame in the first three pictures, and well outside of left frame in the fourth. Behind the dike is a cornfield, then the treeline along the river. The next 4 pictures you see are a sort of  “pan” from left to right.  The sky was just beautiful yesterday morning.  By the time I got to work it had clouded over completely and later there was a freezing rain to drive home in. But the lovely start more than made up for it.  I hope you enjoy the pictures.

January Dawn watermarkedJanuary Dawn 2 watermarked and croppedJanuary Dawn 4 watermarkedJanuary Dawn 3 watermarked


14 thoughts on “A Beautiful Dawn in the New Year

  1. The sun rises behind our view to the mountains in the west. We enjoy winter sunrises because before we see the sun, we see it’s light illuminate the top of those western mountains, then gradually progress into the valley. A little while later, the top of our trees picks up the first beams of light and the birds roosting in the top branches start to fly about. The winter sun, coming over the eastern side of the mountain that we are on, is brilliant like a diamond hit with light. Could you guess that we enjoy the winter mornings. 7F this morning. Brrr. I’m sure your NE town is frozen too.

    • Yes, like Siberia. It’s dropping below zero tonight here. Your description sounds lovely! I’m sure you and your wife really enjoy those moments. There are few things in earth prettier than “alpenglow”. I became addicted to it during a WA vacation, Rainier was beautiful, sunrise and sunset!

      • Donna, I look forward to it. I miss your wit and point of view which often, but does not always jive with mine. I like that you make me think and reflect. It never hurts to rethink one’s position. As for the panic comment, everytime my sister calls, I worry about our mom. Take care, BTG

        • Thank you, I can’t believe it’s been a year since I started blogging. I think the panic moments kick in as soon as one becomes a parent themselves, then add in the sandwich generation aspect… Instant anxiety. I really love the group of people I interact and socialize with via blogging, we don’t always agree; but we challenge each other to think. That’s wicked important. We can’t just accept what we are fed, we must, and should , question everything.

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