The Quality of Light

I’m back to work this past week after a busy 2 week “stay-cation” at home. I did a lot of cocooning, baking, decorating, and cooking. The holidays unfolded in ways I did not expect, but as they were meant to.
It was a necessarily sparse Christmas. This past year has been an uphill struggle financially. I sent no holiday newsletters and no cards. Apparently very few people are doing that at all. We got a grand total of 5 Christmas cards this year. I’ve spent a small fortune over the years designing, writing and printing an annual family newsletter and sending cards to 50+ addresses every year. We’d get maybe 20 cards etc back. Cost/Benefit analysis clearly indicated we (I) were (was) wasting that money, so el stop -arino, muy pronto.

Anyway, I got to really notice sunrises and sunsets while on my holiday vacation. And appreciate the quality of light. There’s nothing quite like a dry, cold, crystal-clear atmosphere to bring out the best in our New England solar risings and settings. My birthday sunrise was spectacular. Clear skies. red to orange/yellow to jade turquoise and then a lovely blue. Stars still twinkling brightly around, above, and in front of it.

And, heading home from work on The ‘Pike directly west has allowed me to see some spectacular sunsets over the last few workdays. Red-gold light morphs into a violet-pink and sets the underside of purple clouds on fuschia fire. Just beautiful, and I savored the minutes I was able to see this.

Tonight I am watching the sunset from my living room windows. The sky is a beautiful cloudless peachy pink fading to clear light blue and then deepening to a darker blue. I think the coldness changes the quality of the light, makes it brighter, sharper, and more distinct.

I made no resolutions for this year, but rather, wishes. Wishing for a better year for all of us. I’m watching ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ and having a glass of wine. (raises glass) Here’s to ya, my new friends – who have helped and nurtured me in ways indescribable. I’m truly grateful for your love and friendship!

On another note, I am reassessing my photo book project. In light of some reports of some horrid individuals attempting to cash in on the tragedies of Hurricane Sandy and the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings I have decided NOT to proceed with my idea to donate part of proceeds from a photo book to charity. I have no wish to leave myself open to accusations, or worse – lawsuits, from anyone. It’s unfortunate, but a few bad apples have spoiled the idea for me. Not worth the potential hassles, and believe me – the way my luck’s been running lately – there would be hassles.

I am, however, going to be selling a photo book online through Details will be forthcoming. I can assure everyone that if it proves profitable, I will donate part of the profit to charities I support; but I don’t want to make any guarantees and find myself in hot water later. Have a lovely evening, wherever you are. And, take a minute to appreciate the sunset.


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