Just For Fun


And for your listening enjoyment, a little Straight No Chaser….

Enjoy, and Merry Christmas Everyone!


5 thoughts on “Just For Fun

    • My niece Katie got to see them in
      CT last night. I was so jealous. I’ve seen them on TV numerous times. Definitely on my bucket list! That kitten picture just gets me, I giggle every time I look at it.

      • We try to do one, live Xmas show each year. Saw them here last year. Last night, we saw Peter White, Rick Braun and Mindi Abair in their annual Xmas, Smooth Jazz show. It was incredible!

        • Sounds lovely!!! Brent and I met up after he got out of work yesterday and had drinks etc with friends at a local pub. The “party” started at 2:30, moved locations a few times, and wound up with us getting dropped off at home about 11:30 (car was still in the shop) I “think” I had fun ;)…. Lol

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