I Think it’s Gonna Be Alright

As you all know, I’ve been more than a bit concerned about the direction this country seems to be taking. Very worried about the mess we seem to be leaving, that we might not be able to clean up. And, what that means for future generations. I’m not sure those currently in power have the right ideas to move us ahead responsibly.

Last night something strange happened. I stopped at Dunkin to pick up some K-cups for my Keurig. (You all also know I can’t function well without my caffeine IV…) On my way out of the coffee shop and back to the car, I was stopped by a tall man in his mid to late 60’s. He was slightly unkempt, but polite and well-spoken. He asked me if I would like to have a poem, and held a sheet of paper out towards me. I said sure, and took the paper – which indeed had some poetry printed on it. I thanked him, he said his name was “Henry” and said “God Bless, Be Well.” I turned away wishing him the same; and began walking the 20 or so steps back to the car. I got in and handed the paper to my oldest. She asked me what it was. I told her I just got a poem from the guy at the entrance to Dunkin, turned around to point him out. He was gone. The girls, who had been waiting in the car for me, had not noticed him.

Feeling slightly creeped out, I began to read the poem. It was rambling, had a disconnected feel to it – congruent with someone experiencing mental health issues. (There’s quite a few homeless, MH folks in my city). However, 3 lines leapt from the paper – “God shed his grace on us, on all of us! For America will see good days of invention again. We will be crowned with the fruits of kindness and fidelity.” My goosebumps got goosebumps, and the girls were affected as well. We looked down the side streets near the coffee shop, but were not able to find “Henry” anywhere. Normally, I wouldn’t give something like this a second thought. But I found myself profoundly shaken.  I got a message, and I think maybe – just maybe – we’re gonna be alright.

Le’Andria Johnson – It’s Gonna Be Alright


8 thoughts on “I Think it’s Gonna Be Alright

  1. Donna, thanks. I was reminded of a story that happened to one of the homeless families the agency I volunteer with helped. Their teenage daughter was volunteering at a Second Harvest Center which collects and distributes food to shelters and people in need. To let this sink in, she was a homeless teenager and while living in a tent before we helped her was donating her time to help others at a food pantry. We need to help our neighbors. They can teach us a lot. Great post, BTG

  2. Dearest, That man named Henry, was your Angel! I met mine many years ago, on my side porch on Clark Street, just after Uncle Timmy got sick…. We spoke and then said a decat of beads, 1 Our Father and 10 Hail Marys….. We said goodbye, I then went into my kitchen, I then remembered something I wanted to say, went back outside, this only took 5-10 seconds, hurried to the end of the porch and he was gone. I looked all over, there was no trace…..God bless our Angels, Donna. They do watch over us.
    Love all of you……Auntie Hanna

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