Return to Normal? (Whatever That Is)

We’re getting down to the wire here with the ponderous, bloated, and venomous Decision 2012 campaign a soon to be memory for the history books. Thankfully. Never before have I seen so many supposed grown ups act like tantrumming toddlers. In the twitter-verse I’ve read people are threatening to riot if “their” candidate loses the election. Really, now! Because that’s the completely correct way for your voice to be heard in the socio-political process – NOT.
Call me a cynic, but I don’t honestly think it matters who sits in the Oval Office. There’s far too many checks and balances, and vested interests in play for any one person to shape the course of our society or its economy. Does anyone HONESTLY think any of the Washington elite actually care what happens to us average folk? Unless there’s a disaster, they don’t care, period. They don’t even participate in social security or medicare.
If you want a politician to care about your circumstances, then look locally, up to your state level. They’re the people who you ‘ll bump into in the grocery store and at the bank. They live and work in your community, and have a vested interest in seeing that community thrive. The Washington crowd, not so much. They mostly come from big money and have few financial worries – unlike most of the rest of us. They spend 2/3 of their time campaigning and fundraising to get reelected and only 1/3 of their time is spent actually doing the job they’re elected to do. Scott Brown is one of the few federal level politicians I’ve seen who comes from a modest middle class background. His partisanship and voting record reflect this, I hope he gets the chance to continue his work in Washington, despite my being less than thrilled with the venomousness he and his challenger have shown towards each other in the campaign. But I digress.
Frankly I’m overloaded with all this election stuff. Sick and tired of it all – to the point that seeing a commercial for erectile dysfunction medication would actually be a welcome change!
I’m really looking forward to not seeing any more mudslinging ads, looking forward to people calming down, and finding ways to work together to overcome the tremendous challenges this country faces in the coming days and years. We can’t do that if we’re rolling around on the ground having a hissy-fit because we don’t like the outcome of the elections. Que sera, sera my friends. Deal with it maturely, respectfully, and responsibly. Thank you, that is all.


5 thoughts on “Return to Normal? (Whatever That Is)

  1. Hi, Momma! The Establishment Politicians are like bacteria; they thrive in otherwise uninhabitable environments. As long as they can easily polarize all of us on every imaginable issue, and as long as we are on the brink of dis-health and economic disaster, then we will continue to not only rely on them to “save” us, but we, ourselves, will be just dysfunctional enough to remain sufficiently uncoordinated so as to never be able to mount a campaign of freedom and liberty against them. In doing so, they create an elitist oligarchy that will never be replaced and will become increasingly seen as one that MUST never be replaced.
    Year after year the American People become more reliant upon our government to provide for us. Our Constitutional Republic has evolved, as do all Republics, into a Democracy. Democracies are the single-most self-destructive forms of government, as they are notorious for failing as a result of their own infrastructure eating them from the inside out.
    What was once a Capitalist form of economy, driven by a free market, has now become a Socio-Corporate form of economy that is primarily powered by Socialist principles. And Socialism is the most self-destructive form of economy, again proven throughout history.
    Until 2006, I was a card-carrying member of the Republican Party. When the truth came out about Republican corruption, I quickly came to realize that either Party, when in power to too long, becomes corrupt. In February 2008, when John McCain announced that he was “the presumptive Nominee, I announced that if that were to come to fruition that I would leave the Republican Party -and I did. Over the last few years, being free from the bonds of Party loyalty, I was able to remain objective in my purview. I quickly realized how divisive Party politics were, and how dangerously they controlled so many of us.
    In this past election I voted for Ron Paul. Not because I thought he would win. Not because I was mad at Obama or Romney or disenfranchised with both Parties. But because I also realize that FAR too many of us have never voted FOR anyone, but AGAINST someone. Ask yourself, in the past how ever many elections, did you vote for “the lesser of 2 evils?” I hear that too much. Its become a cliche. I voted for Ron Paul because, as I don’t completely agree with everything he believes, he was the one Candidate who would serve objectively as President and preserve my Right to create my own liberty. Rombama, on the other hand, will impose the Establishment’s will on to the rest of us. Liberty is not defined as imposing one’s will on the many. In point of fact, that is normally referred to as Tyranny. We might not like what others say and think and do, but it’s theirs to live with and if it neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg, then the Federal Government has no business dictating it to me.
    Many people argue that I threw my vote away. I could also argue that voting along Party lines or voting for a Banking Establishment Frontliner (Obama OR Romney) is a throw-away vote. NOT voting is a throw-away vote. So, technically, anyone could argue that anyone’s vote or non-vote is a throw-away vote. So, at least I threw my vote away on a dream -the American Dream, which has, sadly, become just that……..a dream found only in a place called Fantasyland.

    • Thank you so much for that. I too voted differently. Libertarian. “We might not like what others say and think and do, but it’s theirs to live with and if it neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg, then the Federal Government has no business dictating it to me” – this resonated with me, powerfully. I think we have an obligation to help others, not to enable. Point here – free birth control. I disagree with making it free. It should remain covered by insurance with a co-pay. Choice is the right, not the actual item chosen, I hope that makes sense. Thanks again, I really appreciate your thoughts. I may think of more to respond later. Hugs!

  2. Couldn’t agree with you more, as my recent posts attest. I am sick to death of the lies and pandering on the national scale, even though we really don’t have many of the national ads here, as Calif is a Blue State.

    But…the local pols more than make up for the nastiness, lies, and attacks of the national scale. We have a local Tea Bagger who attacks everyone and everything, but since he is already in office in the House, is likely to win again. We have another hard-line RepubliCANT who truly believes that every idea that he did not come up with is wrong, and every idea that he comes up with is spot on! He was Mayor of Fresno for a while, and finally his staff and insiders had an intervention with him to listen to others for a change! Don’t think it worked.

    But mark my words, as long as the Tea Baggers and the Far Right are holding the House hostage, then we are in for at least 2 more years of a Do Nothing Congress, no matter who gets the White House.

    Have a great weekend! Oh, wait, its only Tuesday. Well its all a weekend to me! ROFLMAO!!


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