Much Ado about Nothing – And Supremely Grateful for That! Part 2: Aftermath

Now that the all clear has sounded, and Godzilla has left the building – Let me express my profound gratitude that we did not get the full brunt of the superstorm. Sandy grazed us with a glancing blow – High Winds gusting up to about 55 mph all afternoon and evening and heavy rain for a few hours last night.  By 11pm I could see moonglow seeping through the black rushing clouds. My heart and all my prayers go out to New Yorkers and New Jersey-ites (yeah even you Snooki) who took the sustained knockout punch of this “once in a millennium” – type nastiness. I saw pictures of a shark thrashing around in about 3 feet of water on a New Jersey street.  I kinda feel sorry for it in a way…if sharks can be scared I bet the poor thing was out of its mind.

Photo Credit Unknown

So, what did we do during the great “nor’easter-cane”? Well, I spent most of it curled up on the couch with my wool blankie.  My body has become a barometer as I’ve gotten older and every single joint was singing “Ave Maria” – especially my left shoulder and hip, and my right knee  (places I’ve had previous injuries). Apparently the barometric pressure in this thing was below 940mb at one point.  Impressive, and no wonder my joints were  screaming. So no going downstairs to check the cellar for flooding (which it didn’t,  Hooray!)  We never lost power except for a brief moment during some lightning. The Viking decided to make some breakfast comfort food for dinner so we noshed on bacon egg and cheese biscuits. Later, we watched Star Wars: Attack of the Clones then went to bed. I have work today, but the University is closed, and Jilly has a two hour delay so I am going in late.

Its still pretty windy here. I can hear the roaring over the keyboard clacks as I sit here and type. I let the puppies outside and the sky is banner-streaming clouds at warp speed. Some of the lower clouds are moving at right or 45 degree angles to the ones at the upper levels. They remind me of gigantic airliners being brought to their jetways by invisible trucks. Everything’s very sharply delineated, and I’m getting a clear 3 D picture of the sky. Gonna go get ready for work. Have a great day everybody!  Love and Hugs!
update: apparently that shark picture has been photoshopped…. they got me, oh well…

Songs for the Day:

B.J. Thomas

The Association – Windy

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7 thoughts on “Much Ado about Nothing – And Supremely Grateful for That! Part 2: Aftermath

  1. The hurricane was, for lack of a better term, disappointing. However this is one disappointment I can easily embrace, and wish it were as much of a disappointment for more people. I’m thinking this winter will be brutal as well, considering how lame last year’s winter season was. That will likely have a positive result come Spring, however.

    • The wheel turns, right?! Enough was enough last year what with the tornado, the microburst, Irene and the october nor’easter. We got ready for Sandy though, just in case. Those poor people in NY and NJ. Urban flooding is so much worse than rural – significant nasty underwater hazards, general filth, garbage etc. The up side is that if anyone can handle disaster its a New Yorker.

  2. My bones and muscles are not in tune enough to play Ave Maria. Mine are more like “Helter Skelter” off The White Album. I am glad you are otherwise well. By the way, I did get to see The Association late in their career in a small venue. The opened with “Windy.” Nice memory. Take care, BTG

  3. So happy you survived the superstorm. I saw those photos on Twitter of sharks swimming in the streets and past houses (a nightmare of mine when I was a kid; shark phobia) but I feel sorry for the sharks too. They must be very confused. Do you know what happened to them, did they get ‘herded’ back out to sea?

    Terrible news about all those poor people who lost loved ones and homes through the devastation of Hurricane Sandy though. Was all your family safe?

    • Yes, we are all fine, thank God! It wasn’t bad here at all. Unlike NY and NJ. It’ll be days if not weeks before things get back to a semblance of normal. That was one mother of a storm! We still have lingering rain and wind from it. I don’t know what happened to the sharks. After the christmas tsunami in Indonesia there were sharks found way inland.

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