Locked and Loaded – Bring It On, Be-yotch!

Just this past week I was talking with The Viking about this time last year, when we were 18 inches deep in a freak October snowstorm – and how weird would it be if something similar was to happen this year…..  I guess I must be careful what I talk about, because (like you didn’t already know)  a Monster of a Storm is headed right up the coast. I can’t say I wished for it, because I didn’t – but I’m not surprised.  The experts have already said that our weather is gonna get “interesting” – what with global warming and all that…  so here we go  AGAIN.  Just an aside  “May you live in interesting times.” is a Chinese curse.,.. which appears to be working….. unfortunately.  Jussayin.

I have few worries though. We’re hardy New Englanders after all, and we can handle anything menopausal Mother Nature throws us.  I reblogged my friend Kelly’s post earlier about prepared-ness – she had quite a few suggestions that I hadn’t thought of. Good on ya, Kelly! – as my antipodal friends would say. I spent the majority of today cleaning up, down cellar – and doing laundry – a neverending task, right?

We have sterno, an abundance of batteries, the freezer is packed – which is a good thing as everything will keep everything else cold, the wool blankets I buy every year at The Sandwich Fair are stacked in the living room, we have LED lanterns, a case of juice boxes, a case of water, non perishables in abundance, plenty of food for the ferrets and the puppies, cash on hand, gas tank is full, grill propane tanks full, etc. etc. We  don’t have gutters to clean, or a sump pump for the cellar – but our house is up on a little hillock and our neighbors yards flood way before we are affected in the least.  We’d have to get at least 8 to 10 inches of rain to even begin to worry.  That said, I made sure to get the cellar in order, and the clothing in storage (we have only one closet in the house) is wayy up off  the cellar floor – just in case Mother Nature’s got it in for New England.  I also find it interesting that the given name for this storm is the same as the Viking’s biological mother’s.  The woman is, to be blunt – not a fan of mine,  and I’m certainly not one of hers – and I am hoping that the storm doesn’t take on her, shall we say,  “issues”… ahem….   Regardless We’re ready for ya, Sandy – Bring it On!  Rock Us Like a Hurricane!



15 thoughts on “Locked and Loaded – Bring It On, Be-yotch!

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  2. I love you. You are so funny. We go from REO to Rock you like a Hurricane. If you go Jumping Jack Flash on me, I may keel over. Take care of that Be-yotch. And, seriously, take care of you and your family. BTG

    • All good here so far, just really really windy. Power is still on @ 5:15 pm! Not much rain yet. Got one bird out of the nest (she’s staying put at her boyfriends house) but everybody is fine. Its gonna be a bumpy night though! Thanks!!!

  3. There I was, at sea in the middle of a Cat III Storm with just my flashlight and a bottle of ketchup in my hands… Ah… good times… good times… #thingsIdontmissabouttheeastcoast

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