This is one of my Brother in Law’s blogs – fellow Trekkie, sci-fi geek, and lover of all things Conservative! Love you Bunches Dave – in spite of the fact we have yet to visit/meet in person!

My Great-Grandfather, Frances Marion Holt, died in 1903. I, obviously, never met him and what I know of him is from his Civil War service record and what I have been able to glean from a few sources here and there. I do know from family records that he was illiterate and left no written records, no letters, no postcards, no writings behind. I can imagine conversations with him, but I have no real idea what he liked, what he thought, what he dreamed or what he hoped. I do know that he had a son, Charles Leonidas Holt

My maternal grandfather died in 1959, five years before I was born, and it wasn’t until I was well into my own 40’s that I knew much about him at all. I had the opportunity to spend an afternoon with my Uncle Joe (of blessed memory) and talk about Grandpa. In…

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    • Thanks! I wish my grandmother had kept one, she left school in the third grade (1894) to help support her family. She raised my dad as a single parent during the Great Depression – a woman before her time for sure. I think blogging is alot like keeping a diary and Dave is right, my future family is not going to have to wonder what kind of person I was. Which is really cool, if you ask me…..

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