Autumn Kalaidescope

Here are some more pictures I took on our trip to New Hampshire with my Canon EOS Rebel, in the order they were shot. We made quite a few stops on the way up to get many of  these shots. The Viking and the kids were getting somewhat annoyed with my requests to “pull over” I’m sure. But I think the results are worth it.    I did minimal photo editing, just some touch up sponging, dodging, and burning with a very light hand.  My oldest rightly informs me that less is more when it comes to editing. There’s no more beautiful place on Earth than New England in October. Yeah, I’ve said that before but it bears repeating, so you all need to come visit if you don’t live here!  😉  Comment and let me know your favorites, please and thank you!

Autumn is Nature’s way of promising a splendid return after the Winter’s dark.

24 thoughts on “Autumn Kalaidescope

  1. Your “Gateway to Fall” photo resembles a bridge in the Quabbin Reservoir. It’s located at Gate 30. If you have time, you should go and get some shots of that one. It’s a bit of a legend around here, and nobody knows its true history, but it’s rumored to have been built by 3 men in 3 weeks, over 150 years ago and STILL stands today. it also makes for a romantic scene :).

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    • Thanks Emma! We’re battening down the hatches for the monster storm right now. Glad I got a chance to get some photos of the foliage and stuff before the wind takes down all the leaves. Hugs!!!

  3. Beautiful! Autumn is my favourite season – I love all the photos but Gateway to Fall, Splash of Colour and Meandering are wonderful. London is looking amazing too due to the wet summer creating more vibrant colours this autumn! 🙂

  4. Remember your Friday Night? well, I’m having a Sunday morning! Pat is away until late tonight at her tournament, the music is blaring (Remember Marty Robbins, and “El Paso”?) and I’m doing my honey-do’s. Clean the bathrooms, wash the sheets, vacuum the rugs! Not quite the same, but good enough!

  5. Great shots, and your daughter is absolutely correct, the less editing the better. Imperfections are what make nature perfect. We need to learn to leave well enough alone.

      • Rushing Water and Splash of Color. I used to hang out next to a stream on the way to that old Inn we talked of in the past. There was a secluded beach area next to a dark pool of water, still cold in the summer, reached only by a long, overgrown path off Rte. 20. Great for skinny dipping when I was younger, great for picnics with a special date in my college years.

        These pics bring back fond memories.

        • I know the one you mean I think – in the Chester State Forest. We used to go swimming there too. The pool was spring fed and QUITE cold. I went searching for it on a ride up that way last summer, and found the pond/spring dried up. The glade is still there, and invites one to spend a moment drowsily dreaming in the sunshine.

          • No, the one I have in mind was part of the river (the westfield river???) that parallels route 20 down from the hills in western mass. On both ends of this pool were large boulders, and there was white water leading in and out. The river veered away from 20 for a few miles, and there was only the smallest hint of a parking space beside the road. The trail in was overgrown and barely there, about 1/2 mile to the river. I went there for years from early HS through college graduation. Likely gone now, or a regualar park with 20 campsites!!

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