Return of The Lady Hawk; and the start of a Long Lovely Weekend

Hello Strangers!  I’ve been recuperating from bronchitis and playing catch up at work and at home with chores and such like.  Also took a weekend trip up to NH to see family and attend the Sandwich Fair in  (wait for it….) Sandwich NH. This area is famous for its lovely lakes and mountains and also because “On Golden Pond” was filmed on Squam Lake right next door to Sandwich.We also attended a graveside remembrance at the Vittum Hill Cemetery in Sandwich for The Viking’s Great- Aunt Cora Jo who passed away in May of this year from ALS. Complete with a wine toast for those of us of age  ;).  . I will be posting more about the fair in subsequent articles.  We left early Saturday morning with Jill and her friend Diana who came with us for the weekend.  As we were packing up the car we noticed our newest avian neighbor atop the telephone pole in between our house and our next door neighbors, serenely sunning herself and keeping an eye on the chicken coop across the street.  She needs a name folks, so please – feel  free to suggest something.  “Gertrude the Hawk” isn’t quite as dignified or majestic as she actually appears…  So here’s two of the best shots I got from almost literally right underneath the pole.  She was staring right at me and probably thinking “Just WHAT does this idiot think she’s doing….??”    Enjoy the photographs, and please – vote and/or suggest a name for her!  Thanks!


7 thoughts on “Return of The Lady Hawk; and the start of a Long Lovely Weekend

  1. Great movie. It is a Michelle Pfeiffer with Rutger Hauer and Mathew Broderick. I think I will change my vote to Ladyhawke from Athena. I have missed you and hope you are feeling better. Take care, BTG

    • Thank you! I am feeling much better. Theres a lot of the creeping crud going around at work. I work with folks with developmental disabilities who are rarely “allowed” to stay home when they are ill – so they pass it around to all of us.

    • I love Rutger Hauer – have since Bladerunner. I used to know someone who was friends with him. She told me if hes having a conversation with you and you break eye contact, he’ll just walk away…

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