The Case of the Overflowing Toilet (The Cascade Effect): Or, Why I’m Always Flat Broke….

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Things happen in sets around here for some reason.  Streaks of bad and sometimes good luck – but lately mostly of the negative variety.  Here’s the latest:  We’ve had a runner of a toilet for quite some time now. Every once in awhile the doo-hickey inside hangs up and the stopper doesn’t seat properly so the water just keeps on running.  Everyone who lives here is aware of the need to jiggle the handle and listen for not only the thud of the stopper but the change in the pitch of noise as the tank refills.  So far, so good.  Unless you have a fateful combination of events that seem to have conspired to send us straight to the poorhouse, or debtors prison (Do they still have these things?)

Fact:   Logan, we have a runner. Fact: We had one hell of a storm the other night with a  tremendous amount of rain.  Fact:  These two things conspired to create a severe toilet overflow in the middle of the storm. The sewer system was already at capacity and it backed up when the toilet kept running. Fact: Our oldest daughter alerted us to this problem whilst The Viking and I were enjoying a lovely meal of roast chicken – by screaming for her father at top volume. Which of course made us think Shelob had crawled out of the shower drain or something.  Not the case – killing spidey would have been easy, and cheap. Fact: We had to use all the towels in the house to mop up the mess.  Fact: The girls and I spent the next 2-3 hours disinfecting said towels in the laundry and disinfecting the entire bathroom. Fact: I never did get to finish my roast chicken dinner. Fact: I completely missed S5/E2 of Sons of Anarchy – which I think pissed me off even more than all the previous facts combined.  Further Fact: It cost a couple hundred+ for an emergency repair.

Two days later – even more further facts: 1. A constant drip had started from the side of the tank. 2. It turned out the tank was cracked.  3. To sum up:  a new toilet was needed along with a new flange and piping because the original plastic flange fell apart when the toilet was taken out – all to the tune of another couple hundred bucks.   We decided to completely replace the toilet and get a metal flange because of what I call the “cascade effect”  also known as (Brigid) Murphy’s Law.  She’s also known by the considerably less elegant moniker of The Shit Fairy around here.

Its been our experience with any plumbing job that once we start to work on the presenting problem it then creates more problems which of course cost more money. Hence: cascade effect – a subsidiary of Murphy’s Law. This debacle proved no exception, and rather than get these issues fixed in stages and create more expense, we figured to cut to the chase, as it were.  Still, this expense was not planned for in the least, and put quite a dent in the finances – just as we were thinking we were starting to get ahead again.  (I feel like Michael Corleone in The Godfather 3).

The Godfather Part III

“Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in…”

It would appear we are destined never to be operating in the black for long….. Sigh*   Brigid Murphy, aka the Shit Fairy, is once again hovering over Hacienda del Chaos.

It would help if the Viking was a DIY plumber – but alas – no.  The one time I let him put in a new kitchen sink he busted the pipes underneath by tightening them one turn too much and I ended up using my bathroom sink and shower faucets for cooking water for a week.  NEVER AGAIN.  The Viking is good for woodworking, basic carpentry, replacing oil filters and doing oil changes on the car, and simple electrical stuff (ie replacing light fixtures and ceiling fans). He’s also great for replacing decks, roofing, and putting in patios and firepits.  In fact, he is awesome at doing all these things.  The rest we leave to the professionals –  Cha-ching!

Ms Murphy, Brigid Darling –  Please go hover over someone ELSE’S house for awhile, Or I will have to dig out my slingshot and crossbow…..jussayin…..


22 thoughts on “The Case of the Overflowing Toilet (The Cascade Effect): Or, Why I’m Always Flat Broke….

  1. So I see you sent the Shit Fairy my way. Please allow me to extend an extra sarcastic “thanks” in your direction.

    Also, I am very disappointed that this did not show up in my reader! WordPress says I am subscribed…so I must be. The little follow button is checked. I hope I don’t miss your posts again.

  2. Donna, maybe it was the great post you wrote on socially responsible capitalism. Maybe a wealthy neighbor whose full of it flooded the sewage system when he read it and it backed up. Best wishes on the clean up and fix. BTG

    • Rofl! Thanks, we just started to get ahead and now back behind the 8 ball again. Still it’s nice to have a properly working toilet. I’ll have to start watching my neighbors more closely ;). Lol. Thanks again, and now I’m going back to bed – bad case of sinus infection and bronchitis. Even The Princess Bride can’t keep my eyelids open. 😉

  3. Dearest Donna, I just read your story about the toilet tank being cracked…please put a stop payment on your check for the original work done on your toilet! They were the people who caused the crack to the toilet tank! Luv, Auntie H.

  4. The Viking sounds pretty handy, more so than me. You don’t want to mess up a toilet repair – that stuff flows everywhere and the stench will remain longer. I am glad you got your shit together, though. :>)

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