Gahhh Internet Difficulties

Apparently my computer got some sort of virus with a or cookie add on that links advertisements to random words in my posts. Several people suggested I clear my browser and cookie history and reboot so Ive done that .  Am posting this quickly to see if in fact the annoying add thingies are gone.  Im editing to see if in fact this severely annoying feature is in fact gone for good.  The links have appeared in prior published posts, comments made by myself and others and its really creepy to me.  The kids have been repeatedly told time and again not to download games off the internet,  I’m really not sure what happened. I did see a site when I got to add ons in firefox –   arcade candy games so disabled that immediately. I have no idea what it is anyway.   Keywords like Insurance and plastic surgery got linked.  Im baiting this to see if it will happen again.  And it did.  Dammit all to hell!  Update:  I had to disable all my add ons and extensions whatever the hell they are, and also put a site called text enhance in my restricted sites  (this may only work for internet explorer and not firefox though)  Deleted cookies, histories and caches  four or five times too  Rebooted the computer 4 times.  It looks like the problem is finally fixed, Im hoping.  Stupid computer hackers!!!.  I also had to delete my last post.


8 thoughts on “Gahhh Internet Difficulties

  1. No issue from this end. I rarely ever click on those anyway, as they mostly lead to Wikipedia, which is not a reliable source of information.

    BTW: If you are not following them already, may I recommend two bloggers to you.They lean to the left, even more than I, but often re-blog other posts or important articles that don’t get widespread distribution. You might be interested in them.

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