Flora and Fauna: A Pledge of Paradise


Pink Bee Balm, and a Bumble. I love how you can see the delicate veining and transparency of the bumble’s wings, the yellow fuzziness of the torso ( I have no idea what the proper anatomical term is. Emma – help me out on this one please and thanks!) – and how the wings function as a transparent screen for the edge of the flower blossoms. I’ve never seen pink bee balm before. It was everywhere along one section of the Harbor Walk in Gloucester. All sorts of bees were landing and taking off – creating a lovely background hum as we strolled along.

Floral Fireworks. I think these are some sort of daisy or brown eyed Susan, or maybe some type of coneflower. Flower Salsa! Very spicy! Red and Orange Rocket Flowers – Yeah, that!

I have no idea what the name of these flowers is – but they grow on the side of the road and in fields everywhere around here in July and August. They’re the prettiest shade of periwinkle blue.

Another view of the spicy firework flowers. I applied a “soft and faded” photoshop action – and also managed to catch a couple of honeybees hard at work. In this photo particularly the blossoms are shaking their petal skirts in a gentle breeze – swaying to a rhythm only they can feel.

Just some of the vibrant beauty to be found – right in front of me. If you have a favorite of these, please comment and let me know. Thanks.

“If a man could pass through Paradise in a dream, and have a flower presented to him as a pledge that his soul had really been there, and if he found that flower in his hand when he awake – Aye, what then? ” ~ Samuel Taylor Coleridge

English: Reproduced signature of poet Samuel T...

. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Update: The Great Floral Identification Adventure: the bee balm is in fact bee balm; the red and orange rocket flowers – they also remind me of badminton shuttlecocks-are echinacea; the blue flowers are chicory. Thanks everyone!! πŸ™‚


23 thoughts on “Flora and Fauna: A Pledge of Paradise

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    • Thank you, it was a happy “fluke!” I have my camera set to continuous shooting so that I’m sure to get at least a few pictures that are good. thank goodness for dslr cameras and digital photography in general!

  2. the light blue ones are chicory- root roasted can be used as a coffee substitute, so good to know :>)
    and echinacea comes in a variety of colors from white/yellow to pinks and oranges sometimes- same family as black -eyed susans “rudebeckia”
    bee balm can be pink, purple, lavender, or vibrant red “mondara”
    my spelling may be off a little…but you love me :>)
    nice photos- glad you guys had some fun!

    • I agree tha the light blue flower is chicory. In my post about weeds a while back I included a photo of a chicory that I have been growing for years. It stood about 6′ tall and had a root thicker than my thumb this year. This was the first chicory that I could get started (those “roadside weeds” don’t like being cultivated), and I hate to cut it out, even though it is in the middle of a pathway! I like the header with the coneflowers. Nice use of depth of field.

  3. Donna!!! It’s been ages I know and so so good to drop by your place today to see these wonderful gorgeous blooms! HUGS xxxx Will have lots of catching up to do but a quick question – did you get the little surprise parcel I sent about a month back? I have been away and my mailbox is completely out of control 12,000 unchecked mail?!!!! yikes. Shaz

  4. What beautiful wildflowers. At first I thought the bee balm was echinacea too. The bumble looks a bit different to ours – you can think of their anatomy in three parts: head, thorax and abdomen. The bee in the picture has a fuzzy thorax (torso). You may enjoy this website, Donna. It is the home of the UK’s Bumblebee Trust with lots of beautiful bumble pictures and interesting information! http://bumblebeeconservation.org/

  5. I love those periwinkle ones! and the focus was perfect. I like how the one flower is perfectly in focus and everything else fades in and out.
    All the pics are beautiful really. That’s just my favourite. πŸ™‚

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