The Last Few Days…..

Despite the heat, there are things that need to be done that I’ve been putting off. So today I tackled one of them:  cleaning underneath my sink and cleaning the wastebasket.  Although I am glad that chore is done, I sorta kinda wish I hadn’t.  There were things achieving consciousness under there…. like the old rusted can of krylon rustproof enamel spray paint. and the half opened container of turtlewax.  Whoops!  Not to mention the empty single serving paper thingies of splenda that never made it into the wastebasket… or the empty peanut shells.  Icky images indelibly burned into my minds eye….  guh-ross!  Thank Goodness for Clorox Clean up and latex gloves!!  It wasn’t a time intensive chore but despite the a/c I was dripping sweat by the time I was done.  I try to get in and get that stuff cleaned out and organized every few months but I was overdue with this one for sure.  Shame on me….

After cleaning, it was time to organize.  Got a cardboard box top/cover from a paper ream box at work, and put all the cleaning and auto supply stuff in the upturned box cover. Also took the opportunity to check the plumbing for the bathtub and shower while I was under there- all is dry thankfully.  But we do have to replace the fixtures in the tub and shower soon.  Leaky and old… Its always something in an older house, isn’t it?  The girls sprayed the crabgrass springing up in the driveway cracks and on the patio cuz its too hot and sticky for me to be outside for more than a few minutes. and had a waterfight with the hose they were SUPPOSED to be using to rinse out the wastebasket….  😉 The Viking is outside organizing the recyclables.   And, Emma, if you read this, my lavender is blossoming and attracting loads of honeybees!  They don’t bother us at all and in fact seem to chase off the wasps and hornets.

So, my abbreviated work week (2 days) was a nice transition back to the daily grind. However, the air conditioning at work was not very effective, which made for a long tiresome 2 days… Last night we went to friends’ house for a great barbeque.  Tim and Lucine are awesome chefs and great friends. Tim put an almost 13 lb beef brisket on his smoker yesterday morning and let me tell you – when it was done – it was also gone –  in less than 15 minutes.  I’ve never had smoked beef brisket before – it was FABULOUS!!!  Lucine had a full on feast to go with the  brisket.  Tim’s brother and his wife are up from Florida, and they also had lots of other family over. Their new grandbaby Jaiden is a HUGE flirt.  And “Queen Super Brianna” (the oldest grandchild)  is super adorable!  The pool was like bathwater, but so refreshing! Needless to say, a good time was had by all.  Most welcome and relaxing.

And now the thunder is rumbling in the distance. Severe thunderstorm watches out for this area all day today.  Hopefully nature’s air conditioning will start working and we’ll get some relief from this awful heat.  There are days where I wish I lived in Alaska – or north of the artic circle.  These last few days have been those days for sure.  Peace, out….



4 thoughts on “The Last Few Days…..

  1. So far, my attempts to get rain have paid off today. After lunch (2nd round of outdoor work clothes, replacing the sweat soaked morning set), I set out to pick berries. I was about half way through blueberries with the first thunder cloud dumped on me. After this passed, I took a shower (inside), evoking the god of thunder to come back (and get me out of the shower). Now, I sit on my deck with the grill warming up and computer outside. It ought to pour any minute!

  2. I can relate, the heat and the humidity combine for an awful way to live. I worked at a plant in Alabama one summer, and the heat/humidity just about killed me. Glad I left that all behind, and hope you are doing ok otherwise.


    • Got the ac’s in the bedrooms, fan in doorway blowing out the cooler air. Taking it slow and easy, and hoping the power stays on when the storms that are forecast start heading in. Pretty much done in for the day. And now to decide what’s for supper…. Hugs to you and your bride!!! D.

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