I Got Nothin…. with or without the Air Conditioning…

The dog days of summer have arrived here with a vengeance. I have a lot swirling around in my brain to write about but this heat has taken the mickey out of me….Its hard to be concise and coherent when you go to breathe and it feels like you’re inhaling liquid, your jeans are stuck to your legs, your hair is soaked, and you’re sweating out of pores you didn’t even know you had..  Its a jungle out there – temperature wise anyways. And there’s little relief in sight.  Used to be that a good thunderboomer would cool things off – but I’m living in Tornado PTSD central – and those cumulonimbus clouds don’t look like so much fun anymore, yanno?  Besides, those storms don’t seem to do the trick of cooling things off that well anyways. So we’re stuck – for now.


But yeah, the heat’s slow cooking ye olde skulle – steaming my brain, as it were.  By the end of the day, I’m a hot mess, literally – and can barely string a coherent sentence together.  And sleep – even in the a/c –  fuggetaboudditt… I’m waking up every two hours to take a hit or three on my inhaler, then lay back and try to rest as my heart commences pounding due to all the albuterol I just sucked in. It’s better than the alternative though… above ground and breathing is better than not, any day.  But do NOT expect me to make any critical decisions in this weather. This is not my fried egg brain on drugs, its my fried egg brain in July.

Error Message:  The program you are trying to access is currently unavailable…. Actually I would prefer not to be bothered with any decision making whatsoever.  Jeeves,  peel me a grape, make me a tall Long Island Iced Tea (heavy on the ice) and direct me to the nearest rocking chair on the nearest porch by the closest ocean.  (That could work…..  )

All of which makes me wonder how someone native to the equatorial regions who has asthma or other breathing problems survives comfortably. I only have to put up with this nonsense for 3 months out of the year, give or take.   Is air conditioning de rigueur in sub-Saharan Africa and the jungles of South America?  How does one survive without this modern miracle? Is this the bus to Cartagena? This inquiring mind wants to know – as I struggle to breathe in the soup du jour.   I really do long to be outside soaking up the rays and enjoying the sunshine, but more than a couple of seconds in the steambath that passes for “outdoors” and that cursed elephant shows up to sit on my chest again. Sniff* Wahhhh!   How I long for a a cool mountain breeze and a nice cold stream to dip my toes into, or a boat….. with an ocean to set sail on….

Photo Credit:  Jocelyn Erickson

Does anyone want to invite me to any of said location(s)? COME AND GET ME NOW.  Any takers?…. No?…. Alrighty then, I’ll soldier on…..


6 thoughts on “I Got Nothin…. with or without the Air Conditioning…

  1. Traveling in Spain and Italy, we enjoyed the afternoons off from touring, to sit in a cafe during the heat of the day. Most businesses open early, shutter at mid-day, then reopen for the evening. Our auto-centric community habits do not lend well to this. Once, traveling in Barbados, a local told us that the islanders do not go to the beach mid-day, when it is hot and filled with tourists, but in the evening after the daily thundershowers pass.

  2. OMG I feel your pain dear one. Heat waves make me sick, and mush-for-brains too. Am sending you refreshing breezes and cooling thoughts, and wishing I could really help! Since it’s too hot for ‘hugs’ I’ll send you a ‘cheers’ as we clink our iced drinks together! ~Cheers, Gina

    • Thanks!!! This weather is one of the few things I really dislike about living in the area. And the reason I would never move south. I can deal with winter much better. Some asthmatics can’t though. Cheers!!! (clink). 😉

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