Caught doing Chores

Here’s a big shout out THANK YOU to my youngest, who cheerfully acquiesces to our requests to help out with stuff around the house.  The older one’s working full time now, and even when not is not home much (ahh, teenagers and summer!)  The Viking showed our littlest shining star ( who’s not quite so little anymore) how to run the lawnmower the other evening and put her right to work. Note the safety glasses – Dad’s taking no chances.  She was more than happy to help, especially since this is a chore that involves reimbursement at better than slave wages!  She’s saving up to purchase Copic markers for her artwork and art projects.  She even mowed the interior after she was done with the outside.

Side Yard

A Little Shade

Down the Stretch

Dad was sure happy to have the help.  She wasn’t too happy I took these though.  I have a feeling its gonna be a long, hot summer.  And now, I want to go watch that movie – but we are going to a picnic/barbeque with friends in CT this afternoon – which will be even more fun. They have a new baby  (Miss Ella) and I can’t wait to meet her!


2 thoughts on “Caught doing Chores

  1. What a great gal she turned out to be! Be proud Momma E, you and the Viking sure did a good job when you two made your kids! They are Gods gift to you both, bless them. I really howled whe I read your e-mail on how hot it is! Thats the way Uncle S. and Ifeel just about now! Auntie H.

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