Summertime in New England

Hi All – Well, things are winding down in hell week. It’s Friday, and I’m on vacation next week not going back until July 5th!! Wooo Hooo! Yesterday was my and The Viking’s 27th wedding anniversary. He took me out on a dinner date to The Tavern on The Hill in Easthampton for a wonderful meal. The food was excellent and the service stellar!

Long ago, it used to be an ice cream and sandwich shop, and in the spring of 1959, my father proposed to my mother there. They married in 1960. Sorry no pictures – at a heat index of 110 degrees Fahrenheit I was not about to linger outdoors for any length of time.

After we finished the meal I made a point of telling the manager what a superb staff she has. Then we decided to visit my Aunt and Uncle. On the way, we passed through Easthampton itself. Quintessential small town America. I snapped a few photos with my iPhone. Quality’s not great, because of the dang bug juice on the windshield. But here you are anyway:



We also saw an old farmstead on the way. The lighting was perfect, so I had The Viking pull over and took this:


And with effects applied:


There’s something so beautiful and soothing about an old farm, drowsing peacefully in the summer twilight.


13 thoughts on “Summertime in New England

    • It was truly wonderful! The heat wave here is over for now, for which my lungs are eternally grateful. I’m working on a post right now that I think you will find interesting. I am on vacation this coming week and hoping to get out and get some wonderful pictures of the area ,keeping you in mind. We must connect on skype or facetime SOON! Love ya! ❤ Donna

  1. Snapping photos through the bug-smudged window seems to be the metaphor for how we find moments of joys in our busy lives. Our anniversary comes in a few weeks. We were scheduled the work that day, but had the next day off. But, then I called to cover for a co-workers who requested vacation… Rain-date celebration.

    • Rain dates are pretty cool, certainly better than no dates at all. Happy Anniversary! I totally agree with your statement about the metaphor. Would also add that we find the beauty in the gifts we’re given even when, and perhaps especially when, the gift isn’t in perfect condition. So much about that evening brought me and the hubby joy. And bug juice just made the pictures more authentic 😉 As always Oscar – a treat to hear from you! Have you guys gotten ahead of the weeds in your garden? And, I found your post on water supplies, aquifers and wells fascinating and informative. There was much I didn’t know and had never thought about before. Thank you!

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