This is actually a picture of the back of my husband with his new shirt (which looks pretty good on him, bt dub!)  😉  He came up with the tagline above, and also said  “its cheaper to die than it is to get sick” with the current system.  All he and I know is  we are not happy with the medical insurance stuff.  Weekly cost out of pocket has gone up, copays have increased exponentially, – especially for prescriptions. In fact, there are some meds I am prescribed that I cannot afford so they go unpurchased.  And I work full time.  I shudder to think how anyone on a fixed income makes these ends meet.  And we didn’t used to have deductibles – now we do, and those have increased by about 500 from last year. So we get less in the way of services and yet are paying more. Its not right, and its not fair.



9 thoughts on “Skeletons

  1. It will continue to get better as more of the plan kicks in.

    Prior to the Health Care Act passing, I was uninsured because of pre-existing conditions. My insurance paid for hernia surgery in 2003 but then dropped me. Since then not a single insurance company would even consider me.

    In 2012 I have been able to get health insurance, dental insurance, and vision insurance. Total monthly costs for everything is $424. Deductibles are reasonable, no lifetime cap, copays are reasonable. I’m extremely happy since I’m 57.

    Prior to the Health Care Act passing and prior to my pre-existing condition I was paying $649 a month with a lifetime cap of one million.

  2. He got this idea from Mittens. I’m in favor of nationalized health care like the UK. All I know is I’m spending a fortune and getting less coverage, and paying more in deductibles. Not happy…

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