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I’ve got a severe case of writers block going on tonight.  So that’s what I’m going to write about, at least to start.  Hoping that something halfway coherent will come out of it eventually.  But if not, y’all get to read a lot of nonsense. Because hey its my blog, and I can write what I want to. ;).  Its been a very rough few days, and I’m just plain exhausted.  I felt somewhat guilty about not posting yesterday but I was too dang stressed and tired to string together one coherent sentence, never mind several.  Besides, my life is relatively boring and uninteresting much of the time.  It’s a challenge for me a lot of times to find the things that give my life  that “zing” in order to write about them.  I’m an average person with an average life.  And thats OK.  I have my lovely and wonderful sister in law Janine, who graced us all with this gem on the “face of books” tonight:  “I’ve come to realize that some people are as useless as pants on a hooker.”  Truth.  There seems to be a lot of that going around lately.  As Forrest  Gump would say,  “Stupid is as Stupid does”. Ain’t that the gospel truth too! Just watch Jersey Shore or any of those mind-numbingly moronic reality tv shows if you don’t believe me.  I Q ‘s drop sharply whenever and wherever  that show and others like it air.

Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Certainly there’s a lot going on in the world.  The ridiculousness of the Oregon legal system in awarding all that money to the couple who had a daughter with Downs Syndrome, for example.  Now a precedent has been set and the medical community can be held to an unattainable and impossible to achieve standard.  NO test is 100% accurate, never has been, never will be. All because a couple didn’t get the child they expected…. When are people going to get that life itself is a gamble? Pay your quarter, take your chances.  Prepare as best you can, but understand that curve balls WILL be thrown at you. Whining about it and blaming others for your “misfortune” is both immature and unfair. Ultimately everyone is going to pay the price in increased insurance costs because these people are selfish.

There’s also the whole zombie apocalypse thing that my children are convinced is imminent and are trying to get me to prepare for.  Let’s just say I have my doubts, and I’m looking forward to Season 3 of The Walking Dead.  Great entertainment, but leaves much to be desired in terms of fact. Still, my imagination gets the better of me occasionally and asks:  “yeah, but what if…”.  I can’t say I’ve stocked up on bottled water, MRE’s, or canned goods.  Nor have I read any books on how to survive in horror movie scenarios.  So I guess I’m destined to be an appetizer???  I certainly can’t run fast, and I have no training in firearms or close combat… Sigh.  Yep, appetizer.  I think I’ll save time and change my name to Bruschetta….  That’s all I got for now folks.  Have   a good night.  Peace, out.


8 thoughts on “Blah Blah Blah….

  1. Yes.. like WalkingSmall commented, I want to say: This is your writer’s block?! Wow, thank Heaven’s for us, your avid readers, that you just started pounding away on the keys because I love this post! Well done. Awesome rant. How I wish I could come over with a bottle of red and shoot the breeze with you, my far away sister-from-another-mister. You are a delight!

    • Gina, you are, plain and simply, awesome!!!!! Thank you! I’m down, for some of that red, some vino, or possibly my old friend Mr Jack Daniels? ;). Hey if you’re gonna do it, do it up right!! Lol! Gotta fly – driving up to NH tonight, and then Kittery Maine tomorrow for Brent’s Aunts funeral. Hugs!! D.

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