The weather here has been quite unsettled lately. “Shunder-thowery” as I’ve mixed up before.  Late afternoon is a beautiful time in my backyard in the spring and summer.  The sun came out about 5:30pm after some showers rolled through and DELIGHTFULLY lit up the sycamore tree in my Mom’s backyard.  I’ve been playing around with the shutter speeds, and f/stops just to see what the camera can do.  Here are some of my results. I hope you enjoy them. 


12 thoughts on “Contrasts

    • It was just dissipating actually, and the sun came out. I love “backlit” photos like this. Skys like this are awesome in the fall – especially with the sugar maple trees – they start to glow with the afternoon or morning light and with the dark clouds behind them – amazing. I want fall to get here soon so I can get those shots! lol!

  1. Great shots. Looked like that here yesterday, with the top of the mountain encased in dark, grey clouds, and the valley in sunshine.

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