So, I did a few things today. First, I had my hair done after a long time in between cuts and colors. That was nice, and I like my hair shorter for summer anyway. My stylist is also a family friend so it was great to catch up this afternoon. Then, since I was in Holyoke anyway I called my Aunt in Easthampton to see what she was up to. “Come on over” she said, “I’ve got a surprise for you!”. So over I went- Had some lovely sweet tea, and then she indeed, did surprise me. I’m writing this on my surprise… An iPad 2 32g. She upgraded to the 3 and gave me her old one. Well, it’s like brand new, seriously. And I’m seriously overwhelmed right now. Thank you Aunt Sandra! Aka Auntie Hanna Hoona the fire starter in all weather conditions. (it’s a family nickname with a great backstory, we all have similar things in our families I think-and it makes our connections stronger)
So I got home, and was hoping to go to Mohegan Sun for an overnight. The youngest is spending the weekend with a friend in CT and the 19 yr old can fend for herself. Unfortunately when we saw the price of the room for the night we decided not to go. I was disappointed, to say the least-having hoped to get out of Dodge for a little while… C’est la vie. I’ll get over it.
Anyway, I’m spending the evening with my new toy, watching “Chinatown” and “Shane” on Netflix. I’m posting a photo with the new hair – which I really love. The iPad is a little bulky for picture taking, but for these purposes it worked fine. I also got the kindle app on it so I can read with a backlit device when I want to. Pretty cool! Overall a good day despite the disappointment.



11 thoughts on “Soooo

  1. So you finally got your IPad, congratulations. Not familiar with the “2” version, since I’m a relatively new Apple convert, but I’m sure its awesome. Love the new “feathers.”

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