Irises and Ice Cream Castles

I’m just going to let the photos do the talking here. Beautiful Flowers, and Dramatic cloudscapes. I will have some more Iris photos up soon – along with the story of why I refer to them as Dad’s Siberian Irises. For now, please enjoy, along with some Judy Collins! ( click the link and bliss out to her music)

Judy Collins – Both Sides Now


10 thoughts on “Irises and Ice Cream Castles

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    • Thank you! I have learned a lot about lighting and shutter speed these last few days for sure! Now if I can figure out what ISO does and how it impacts the photos I’ll be happy (next learning goal, I guess!) Thanks again, I’m so glad you like them! Hugs D.

    • Thanks!!! There’s just a few blooms open now. The next few days everybody will be blooming. Can’t wait to take those pictures!!! I play around alot with the shutter speed and the f/stop. The cloudy weather makes the lighting tricky. I’m learning a lot though! Must be just before 2 pm there now, it’s just before 7 am here. Hugs!!!

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