Just caught my baby toe on some boxes in the kitchen. The air is wicked blue. Fudge and Feathers!!!!!! Oww is the understatement of the century….. Pretty sure it’s broken. I heard and felt it snap. Oww. Here’s my normal baby toe:


Here’s my boo-boo:


Don’t you love my improvised first aid tape? Someone needs to refill my wine glass – STAT….

The painters tape didn’t hold so I had Jill go to my Mom’s for some regular first aid tape. That’s holding nicely.  But…. owwww!

The Irises are finally starting to blossom and I got some wonderful pictures earlier – but that will have to wait for tomorrow.  I have to go ice my foot again.   The good news about this is I will get to wear flip flops in to work tomorrow because there’s no way in Hades I’m getting a shoe on this foot!


24 thoughts on “OWWW!

  1. Oi that’s no fun. Hope the little toe is good as new now?! Hope you had some time to kick back and relax and keep the feet up. Have you ever tried Blueberry coffee? I just saw some at our stores and thought of you! Did you know that Finland is the biggest coffee drinkers in the world?! Would you like to try some Finnish coffee? Let me know, I’ll send you some 😀 Many hugs Momma Donna! Sharon

    • Blueberry Coffee sounds wonderful!! I always thought the biggest coffee drinkers in the world lived in the Seattle area LOL. l would LOVE to try Finnish Coffee – but only if you tell me something American you would like to try so we can “swap” – do you like maple syrup? Love and Hugs! D.

      • Now all I need is your postal address and one Finnish blueberry coffee coming right up! I’ve never tried this coffee myself but Finland is famous for its Arctic wild blueberries which I love to pick in summer. Many hugs to you dear one! Sharon

        • I will email it to you very soon. your yahoo email address is valid, yes? Would you like some New England Maple Syrup? or something else from America? I wish I could come over and have some with you, then take a walk in the magical Finnish woodlands with our cameras! Big Hugs! D.

          • Yes, email me at yahoo. I will let you know if I receive it. Would love your famous Maple syrup but I think it’s rather heavy and would cost you the earth to send me. Don’t worry about it. Just enjoy the coffee with all my love! Hope you get to come by one day and I’ll take you around to my favourite trails. Gotta run. Family life calling!! 😀 Shaz

    • Any port in a storm, at that point. But my toe had other ideas and kept trying to return to the unnatural position, which of course kept the painters tape from holding things together. Thank goodness my mother lives just down the street and can be counted on to have a fully stocked first aid kit in the medicine cabinet! lol. I’ve got my foot up on the computer tower now. My executive director had no problems with my dress code violation (the flip flops) when she found out what happened. Have a great day! Whats the time difference between us? I’m never sure when it comes to Europe…. Hugs!!!!

  2. I am SO sorry you hurt your toe but you made me laugh so hard about someone filling your wineglass.. STAT! I wish I was there… I would do it! I recall stubbing my right front toe so bad I broke it. Xrays proved it but the Dr didn’t agree to sign off on a small statement that IT HURTS ALREADY DAMMIT. So I endured the grief I got from my work-place that I couldn’t come to work for a day. “Ooo.. poor baby… hurt your toe…” No, you don’t get it! Oh My Gosh, I couldn’t even put my pants on because pointing my foot was excruciating. I hope it is not that bad for you, dear Donna. Gentle hugs (without stepping on your toes), Gina

    • The only time it doesn’t hurt is when I am sitting or lying with it up and perfectly still. It snapped near or at the base of the toe so the top , bottom and side of my foot hurt too, definitely no getting shoes on today. So if I get sent home, so be it. Just call me “Grace”. (because I’m not – ;). )

    • I wish I had been wearing shoes. I’d just gotten changed into jeans and done some repotting for my sage and rosemary …. I’m just SO graceful. (NOT!). 😉

    • Rofl!! I did the next best thing. My singular lack of being able to practically apply spatial relationships, trajectories and simple physical laws is amazing to me. I have no coordination at all. And bad eyesight. All equalling OWW….. I wasn’t even halfway done with my first glass of vino when this happened, so I can’t even blame that. It’s all on me, lol. 😉

      • Fear not, spatial disorientation, lack of balance, not seeing that which is right in front of you, weeellllll, it all gets worse with time!!!

          • Yeah, and you should see me on my down days! I also suffer from big fat thumb disease on this IPad!

          • Yeah, and I have Advair as my inhaler, but at this age, they just pressure tube it into my nose!

            Seriously, hope the toe is better.

          • Thanks Barney! It hurts like a mothah (I know its only my toe, but I’m such a baby!) but I’m hoping that will get better in a day or two. Its starting its glorious techicolor phase of red, blue and purple right now….

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