Emerald Dreams

The Forest speaks to me in Waking Dreams.

Of Verdant, Peaceful Silence.

An Errant Breeze & Sparkling Water enhance the Emerald Calm,

Refreshing my Spirit.

Sanderson Brook gurgles and chuckles, meandering along the rocks gently at its lower levels. Things are slow and sleepy down here. The forest dreams quietly in its lush, green cocoon.

Sounds are muted. Brent and I speak softly so as not to disturb these peaceful moments at stream level. Hikers pass each other, merely nodding and smiling. There is only the sound of wind, water, and birds.

At the upper reaches of the brook just below the falls the water is vibrant, bubbly and very much awake. At this end, it slumbers, sliding along its course in the dappled sunshine.


8 thoughts on “Emerald Dreams

  1. Your prose is perfectly eloquent and sends me to the stream. I love your description of the part of the stream that ‘chuckles’ and how other than that, all is hushed. Even hikers only nodding in passing to not disturb the peace. Beautiful. Along with these photos, this is one of my favorite posts… well, ever! Thank you so much for sharing.

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