Of Rosebuds, Herbs, Puppy Dogs, and Saturday Chores

Today was my day to play catch up – with my usual Saturday chores – like the laundry and cleaning the bathroom.  And, also all the little chores I just didn’t get around to doing this week as I’ve been just plain too tired to tackle.  I’ve said this before – but it’s flippin difficult to work a 40 hour week, then also be the taxi driver, chief cook, bottle washer, and nurse (if necessary) – among other things.   It’s been a long week, and I was so glad to see the lovely sunshine this morning.

The Viking has to work this weekend, and he was up at 4:30 – which of course meant I also woke up at 4:30.  Didn’t go back to sleep really, just dozed on and off till about 8:30.  On these bright sunny weekend mornings I love to go outside and sit on my deck steps with my homemade “dunkaccino” ( coffee mocha, basically) . The puppies love to accompany me and lie on the sun-warmed deck (before it gets too hot). Of course they have to get their daily doses of petting and puppy cuddles.

Sophie Margaret

This morning the “McGootch”  (Chewy) got a little over zealous and nudged my coffee hand – my dunkaccino went flying all over the patio – which was a good thing because it was smoking  hot at the time and either the dogs or I would’ve gotten a wicked burn.  For a good picture of Senor Fluffy Pants (Chewy), visit my “About Me” page. So my first cup went to the sugar ants….oh well.  My trusty Keurig brewed up another cup in no time flat.   Once I “caffeined up”  I was ready to tackle some heavy duty cleaning chores.

This morning that meant taking on the entire bathroom from ceiling to floor.  I  have to be careful what chemicals I use because of my asthma; but I discovered a great cleaning product called Mr Clean Magic Eraser.  Gets rid of soap scum, mildew etc etc in the sink and shower literally like magic.  I was done with the heavy cleaning by noon- ish, which isn’t too bad.  The girls cleaned their rooms and we also straightened out the mudroom.  Then it was off to Six Flags New England for my oldest, and the Holyoke Mall for me and Jill. Got a great deal at Williams Sonoma on some all purpose wine glasses at less than $5.00 a glass.  I broke the last of my utility wine glasses a few weeks ago and I’ve been drinking my pinot grigio out of a Ball Mason Jar.  Anyway we got back about 4, and I was ready for a glass of wine and some deck time.  I also wanted to play with my camera and check on my herb garden.

One of my two Kitchen Herb Garden Containers, containing thyme, oregano, basil (unseen) and rosemary.

The Viking is tackling a larger garden project, but I am working on a much smaller scale.  Aside from my perennials, I always plant a couple of small containers of cooking herbs that I can leave on my deck steps.  When I need fresh herbs I can meander outside and clip off what I need.  My little system works well, and my fabled black thumb (I’m an infamous plant killer, jsyk) doesn’t come into play.  I love my herbs – particularly my rosemary and thyme.


Thyme, with flowers

I also planted basil and chives this year.  I’m hoping to make some fresh pesto – but as you can see from the photo my basil leaves are getting some yellow and brown spots on them. I have no idea what it is or what to do about it (if anything can even be done)

My poor basil, and chives

My Chives. The flowers are edible, faintly spicy and REALLY good in cold potato salad!

As I said, I have no real head for horticulture whatsoever. I plant it, water it, and cross my fingers…… unlike my mother – who could probably grow orchids in the desert.  😉   My roses are just starting to bud, they seem to love the new trellis we put in  a few weeks ago.

Rosebuds, trellis and spiderweb….

“Rosebud” (Citizen Kane?)

The siberian irises are starting to bud too, but it’ll be at least another week or two before we see any blooms from them.  Between 4 and 7pm  is the best time to enjoy my backyard, the intense sun is off the deck and patio by that time, it’s started to cool down, and the mosquitoes and mayflies are not yet out in force.

We grilled balsamic vinegar-marinated steaks for dinner -with garlic mashed potatoes and mixed veggies in a bechamel cheese sauce.  We also added cheddar cheese crumbles to the steak and splashed on some more balsamic vinegar.  I caught up on the season finale of Hawaii 5-O. Just gotta run downstairs and check on the laundry in the dryer. And, check on the teenager and her friends who are enjoying a fire in the outdoor fireplace this lovely evening. It’s 10:50pm here on the East Coast. Time for me to say Goodnight!   Love and Hugs!


11 thoughts on “Of Rosebuds, Herbs, Puppy Dogs, and Saturday Chores

  1. Another wonderful post Donna! I wish I knew what was happening to your poor basil, but the chives sure look happy. And my rosemary is the toughest herb, comings indoors over winter to become a huge houseplant. Now it’s back outside. Wish I knew more cooking applications for it!

    • OMG Gina My rosemary never lasts the winter indoors, although I’ve tried my best. What’s your secret??? Rosemary is my favorite herb, and I’m always sad when I can’t keep it alive! Rosemary goes great with everything. Just play around, that’s what I do. No complaints from the peanut gallery so far… Hugs! D.

  2. My dearest Donna! Sounds like you had your hands full the whole week! I was thinking about you with my own hands full 😀 and it seems ages since we last got together! Missed you! Your garden looks so lovely and whaddya mean you have no green fingers?! I love your herb garden. Fresh chive flowers with potato salad and those grilled steaks – a good way to wrap up the week. Take care, plenty of hugs to one wonderful woman!!! Sharon

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