Chasing Waterfalls

As you may know, I took a hike with the husband up to Sanderson Brook Falls on Saturday. I got many many lovely pictures; and I really can’t decide which ones of them I should be posting. So I am going to try to do a few at a time. I am so very pleased about how they all turned out & excited to share them with you all. Here’s 5 I really like, & I hope you all do too!


10 thoughts on “Chasing Waterfalls

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    • Picnic spot at the bottom of the falls. There’s an 8-10 foot deep pool where the big splash is (where the horsetail 1st tier drops) There’s a ledge in there you can sit on. Facing the woods looking out from the falls Brent says its like getting a forceful massage on your entire back. It’s too cold at this time if year, but in July and August – quite refreshing. One catch – don’t let the environmental police see you. Not supposed to swim up there. But adventurous souls do it anyway. We climbed to just below that point, about 65 feet up. ❤

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