If the Slipper Fits… Take a Picture of It.

The morning woods are mostly silent. Distant hum of traffic, and the wind rushing through the tree branches. I follow, knowing he leads me where I need to go.

We meander, stepping over and around the deadfall left from that dreadful October snowstorm. It’s a bright cloudless morning, already in the mid-60’s. No jackets needed. My Viking has a good sense of direction and we soon find what we came to see.

These rare orchids are scattered across the forest floor in greater number than I ever would have thought.

They love piney woods, and lots of leaf litter. Things that are found in abundance here. Oh look! Twins!

Spring came early to New England, then left suddenly. She has triumphantly returned. The rain has fed the good earth and the beautiful things are growing. I am glad to be alive on this lovely Saturday in May!20120512-221417.jpg


17 thoughts on “If the Slipper Fits… Take a Picture of It.

  1. New England is gorgeous – show me more!!! And that lady photographer is pretty awesome too me thinks…. 😀 (reminds me of myself when I’m down on all fours with my camera!!) HUGS. Hope you had a fabulous Mother’s Day! Here’s a little gift I wanted to give you. Make you favourite cup of coffee, sit back, relax, feet up and enjoy this little blessing with all my love. Sharon

    • Thank you so very much Sharon! Just posted some more photos from the Chester/Blandford State Forest from our hike to Sanderson Brook Falls Saturday afternoon. I hiked up to the falls,and then actually climbed up them with the assistance of that guy I’m married to…. The video you sent is AMAZING, got another cup and I’m going to watch it again! Thank you soooo much LOVE AND HUGS! D.

      • So glad to you liked this video! Oops, I re-read what I wrote and I meant to say your POSE reminds me of myself 😀 (cos it’s kinda funny to pay someone a compliment and it sounds like you’re complimenting yourself at the same time!!!) – And nothing like coming back and writing a long explanation about something which probably you didn’t even notice! 😀 Oh well. Much love always, your funny friend Sharon!

        • That’s fine, no worries. I expect most of us bitten by the photography bug end up in that pose frequently. New yoga pose name: upward facing shutterbug, ;). lol

  2. Good Morning ….. I just fell in Love with the fab photos…reminds me of my yard in Whatley..I miss that part of it. Yes, my dear Donna, I do and will keep track of your blog and wonderful photography….Love ya, Auuntie Hanna Hunna

  3. Wow D!! Kudos to Mr B for his find ….maybe you could take me.there sometime ……would love to get some shots of my own (you know I won’t pick them).

  4. Great find in the woods. Don’t tell anyone where these were. Unfortunately, even with laws against picking native plants, many of the lady slippers and trillium have disappeared around here because people see the pretty flowers, pick them, and thereby destroy the future seeds and future plants/flowers. Shhhh.

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