Koi Pond and Waterfall

I took these photos at my niece’s grandparent’s house at her college graduation soiree this past Sunday.  Frank and Marilyn have a lovely Koi pond and the fish react wonderfully whenever someone gets close to the water.  I  tried several different settings with the Canon and was, in general, pretty happy with the results.  Please let me know what you think.  In other news,  my husband found a large patch of pink “Lady Slipper” orchids near where he works. He discovered them while taking his lunch break the other day. They are quite rare around here so I will be going out Saturday morning for a hike through the woods with him to get some shots with the Canon. Then, we are heading out for another hike to Sanderson Brook Falls in the Chester State Forest.  I will definitely be posting the photos I take when I get back so please look for them.  On Sunday, my Mothers Day plans are to head to Amherst and meet up with my friend Irene and see the Lilac Gardens.  If the lilac blooms have gone by, plan B is to go to the Bridge of Flowers in Shelburne Falls. Win/Win.  Enjoy these photos of the Koi Pond and the waterfall.  Peace, love and hugs!


7 thoughts on “Koi Pond and Waterfall

  1. OK, it’s clear you’ve become addicted. Set the camera down and slowly back away, and no one will get hurt.

    Great pis, actually

    Bridge of Flowers. When I was but a young lad, my mom had a great aunt, older than dirt to a 6 year old, who lived one street away from the bridge. More memories from Barney’s past life!

      • ROFL! I noticed that, but I wasn’t going to say anything, 😉 my spellchecks doing funky Freudian slip things lately medicate instead of meditate for instance- but it was funny so I used it in the motherhood post! Ttys! Donns

    • Yep, it’s addicting for sure! I’ve never been to Shelburne Falls, so I’m looking forward to it if the Lilacs are no longer cooperating. It’s been raining for almost a week now, I feel like I’m in Seattle. I need some sunshine soon! Thanks Barney! D.

        • its an apple thing, I can do it on my desktop, but not on my iPhone. Btw – I’m holding off on getting the iPad and got the second hand camera instead. I figure somebody could get the iPad for me for Christmas if they were so inclined. In the meantime I can get outdoors, practice with my camera and have some fun. Cant wait to get those shots of the lady slippers tomorrow.

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