Celebrate Good Times! (Come On!)

Such a great day for the family!  My oldest niece Sarah graduated with a double major (History and Elementary Education) from UConn today.  She starts grad school in the fall and will be getting married next July.  OK now I feel old, my sister just had this little girl yesterday; and today she’s all grown up. *sniff  * waahhh… So we celebrate these good times, because time keeps on slippin slippin slippin  into the future.  Kool and the Gang/Steve Miller mix – who knew they would go together so well? (I did!)


4 thoughts on “Celebrate Good Times! (Come On!)

  1. I so Loved all of your pictures, I always do…. So sorry about Mom not being there. I
    but didn’t see her anywhere. Sahara seems so very happy! You can tell her Auntie Hanna is very proud of her! It only happens once in a great while!! XXOOXX

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