Carillon at Stanley Park


I have mixed feelings about this photo, and I considered not posting it.  I used the 50mm lens with an  Fstop setting of 2.3.  The composition seems a bit busy to me, but I like the effect of the budding tree in front of the Carillon Tower.  Perhaps I am being overly critical,  I actually liked this photo better when I was looking at it on the actual camera screen.  Overly critical, and weird – yup that’s me.  I decided to post it anyway. Heck, somebody may think this is the best photo ever –  ;).  It’s a learning process, and you guys get to go with me on the journey – every step of the way! As an aside, the weekly carillon concerts will be starting soon – the park opens officially this coming week. Yay!


6 thoughts on “Carillon at Stanley Park

  1. Budding trees and sound (from the carillon) are difficult the capture in pictures. Our trees are mostly leafed out, though still that brilliant light green, now. A few weeks ago, the red seed pods of the maples turned the mountains many shades of Spring.

    • I’ve discovered there’s as much variety of color in spring as there is in the fall. I just picked up a second hand camera to start my journey with a dslr. will be posting later as I go through what I managed to get this morning. Learning curve!! 🙂

      • I am really enjoying the upgrade camera which I purchased recently, as you can tell from the upgraded photos on recent posts. The post, which I will put up later today on a youth orchestra concert, has photo which I took without flash. Digital cameras (at iPhoto editing) pick up an amazing amount of images even in situations which film or earlier digital cameras just got shadows. Keep experimenting.

        • I noticed that right away yesterday – particularly with the close up of my daughter. All it took was some lightening to get a nice shot. Years ago, it would’ve been a throwaway. I tried getting some shots of the super moon last night with the telephoto, but they all came out blurry even at the settings to allow the most light in. I think I got at least one good one of back-illuminated clouds – we’ll see. Thanks! Enjoy your Sunday! D. 🙂

  2. Best pic EVER!! Spent many hours playing under the gold dome in my youth. Particularly remember the chimes. Ty’s for the memories.

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