All that Glitters….

First Attempt at Bokeh… taken on the pond bridge at Stanley Park 29 April 2012 by me, using the original kit lens that came with the camera.  I actually had an a-ha moment taking this picture.  5.6 F-stop I have NO idea about shutter speed.  One thing at time for this old lady  ;).

12 thoughts on “All that Glitters….

  1. I have NO idea about shutter speed either! My photography is all about dollops of good luck, lashings of good lighting and snatches of good weather! 😀 Just imagine what we can do when we learn all the great technical skills 😀 But hey, one thing at a time for me too!! Much love, Sharon

    • Glad to know I’m not alone! Would you be interested in participating in my gratitude gives back project? (see post with same title) Hugs! D.

  2. Hello! I’ve been lurking around here…=0) I love this photo! I miss Stanley Park!
    Hope you are all ok!!!

    • I thought that might be you sweetie! Thanks! Love and miss you – we are all doing well. How’s things in NC? Found my yearbook again the other day. do the words “treap chick” ring a bell? 😉

      • All is good here. Just hot as hell already! Going to be in the 90’s tomorrow. Been thinking of making a trip up. Just dont know when yet.
        Got to get you guys this way one of these days! Need to break the year book out….good for some chuckles!

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