Sister Bonding, Haagen Daz, and Nathan Lane

This is a post I wrote when I first started blogging back in January –  I think it’s actually the second piece I wrote. I loved this adventure with my sister – wish I could afford to do it again right now  🙂   In keeping with the theme of quality time spent with family and friends I thought I would repost, with apologies to those who have already read this:

I’m a Broadway Musical Geek, let’s get that out of the way right up front. Rogers and Hammerstein, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Sondheim, Fosse. I gotta love it all. But. . . up until August 2010 I’d never seen a Broadway Musical actually ON Broadway. I know, right? I live 3 and a half hours away from the bright lights/big city and NEVER saw a show?? Seriously?? But that’s the gospel truth.

I'm Square. . .

My wonderful (did I mention how wonderful she is?) sister Susan called me in June or July and let me know she’d managed to get her hands on some tickets for a matinee show (The Addams Family) and did I want to go? (Did I? Did I ever!) This would be a girls weekend with me staying over at her house and catching the train into the City etc etc. We would make a day of it in the City and a weekend of it for sister-bonding. Always a good thing to do, by the way. Sister bonding just doesn’t get the positive press it deserves. I love my sister! I think I said so before, but its worth saying again. She rocks!

She’s my favorite only sister. Always and Forever. Amen. But I digress.

Just as an aside I got rear ended on the Dexter B. Coffin Bridge on my way down to her house that Friday – no harm, no foul thank goodness! I refused to take that as an ill omen and pushed on. We took the train in from New Britain the next morning. I’d also never been to 30Rock so we stopped there first thing in our travels that day. Its TINY. TV makes it look huge, but the whole things a flippin postage stamp. Space is at a premium, I guess… I can’t “figure” how the skaters 😉 don’t crash into one another, or how Al and Matt get outside without immediately smashing -errr, walking –  into the building next door.

Anyhoo – we window shopped at Macy’s and rambled around for a bit. Decided to stop for an early lunch at the Stagedoor Deli. New York City wait staff know how to treat their customers, I must say. We were the Queens of Sheba for that hour. Of course, I had to order the New York Reuben Sandwich – when in Rome, yanno? While finishing our sammies I proposed we completely geek out. I confessed to my sib that I’d done some research (after “liking” the show’s fan page on FaceBook) and discovered we could possibly meet/get autographs from the performers if we hung out by the back stage door before the show. Was she game? Yup. A bit weird, sure – but that’s how we roll.

So here we are, two 40-somethings preparing to do the groupie thing. Tickets – check. cell with GPS- check. Pocketbooks zippered and clutched tightly (this is New York after all, sheesh!) – check. And we were off. Found the theater just off of Times Square near the Marriot Hotel, and went immediately into reconnaissance mode. . . cue the Mission Impossible Theme…. Actually, we just started chatting up the doorman. I’ll call him John, because hey – that’s actually what his name was. John was a wicked nice fella. He said that lots of people meet the performers this way and that we had a pretty decent chance of getting an autograph from someone in the show. He said Bebe Neuwirth (Morticia) was already inside and getting ready but that a lot of the other performers had not yet arrived. He ducked inside the door and got us both colorized playbills when he saw we did not have paper for autographs. Wicked nice – like I said.

Sooo, as we are standing on the sidewalk chatting I see Susan’s eyes get HUGE. I turn around and there he is. . . Mr Broadway. . . Timon. . . Albert. . . NATHAN FREAKING LANE. He’s not as tall as I am- strangely. As I digest this fact, I also manage to mumble “hi nice to meet you!” (SO original, ya I know. . ) My sister, being a bit more (self) possessed than I was at that point, blurts out “You mean more to me than Haagen Daz!” to which he replies “Well!” in his best Albert/Birdcage voice. He then graciously signed our playbills and went on inside. Susan and I then proceed to lose 25 years, grab each others arms and start jumping around screaming “OH MY GAWD!” like bobby-soxers at a Frank Sinatra concert back in the day. John -who had been amusedly watching all this nonsense, went inside the theater for a moment. When he came back out he came over to us and chuckling, said “You two just completely cracked him up!”

Round Trip Ticket to NYC – $38.00. Lunch and Matinee Show Tickets – approx $200.00. Making Nathan Lane Laugh – PRICELESS.   Day=Made.

Siblings Can Be Torture!

We had another hour before the show so we sauntered back up to Times Square and had a drink at the Marriot bar. Drinks are expensive in New York City – just so you know in case you didn’t. My pinot grigio cost 14 bucks. The show? – well it was AWESOME. We had orchestra seats center, 17 rows back from stage. For this Broadway virgin it was a great time! The true priceless-ness and best part of the whole thing was getting to share the time with my sister. We don’t see each other near often enough with our busy lives. That’s my story, and I’m stickin to it.  Peace, out. . .




2 thoughts on “Sister Bonding, Haagen Daz, and Nathan Lane

  1. Funny what association with fame does to us. If you can believe it, this Hermit lived in NYC for 5 years after college (did my graduate work at NYU, while working). I ran into (literally) a few famous people, and people-who-knew-people-who-were-related-to-famous-people. Richard Nixon actually walked into the hospital, at which I worked, as I walked out (ironically, he is the last president to not have secret service after he left the White House). I did not get his autograph.
    Do get back for another show.
    P.S. Nice header.

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