Gratitude Gives Back Project

Coffee table book

Coffee table book (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve mentioned before about wanting to create some kind of coffee table book of my photos as Christmas gifts for family and friends.  I started that project last evening. But – there are thoughts of another project growing in my mind lately ( I just realized I sound like Galadriel there, Hahahaha), and I need some feedback. Here’s what I’m thinking, for those who are interested  and/or interested in participating –

Gratitude Gives Back Project:

Let’s a few of us collaborate on a photography book. is the service I currently use, but there are plenty of websites that allow folks to submit and share photos and work on projects together. We submit our favorites to the site and pick those we want to have in say, a 20-30 page book including a picture of the photographer(s) and a short bio.  Then, we take orders, and donate an agreed upon percentage or amount to a charity of our choice.  the website will ship the book directly to the customer.  We could pick one charity, or we could each have our own one or two and rotate months through the  year (so depending on what month someone orders the book that’s where the donation would go).  It’s a rough idea-in-progress at the moment; BUT if you like it, and/or want to jump on board – please let me know.

Poetry would be cool to include also!


6 thoughts on “Gratitude Gives Back Project

  1. That sounds really great! I would love to be a part of this but at this moment I’ve got my hands full. I don’t want to promise you my participation if I’m not able to commit fully. But please keep me posted and so honoured you thought of me! Thank you so much! Sharon

    • Its a work in progress and certainly nothing I’m going to be doing right away. I’ll keep you updated, when I’m ready to get going with it if you’ve got some time then we’ll definitely collaborate on it. Thank you!! My vision at this time is for collaborators to submit a batch of their favorite photographs to a shared website, then have the other collaborators vote to determine the top 3 or 4 or 5 – which would then be featured in the book. It would also be great if I could get some of my talented poet friends to submit some work after they view the pictures and been inspired by them (hopefully – lol) The final page would be devoted to a description of the project and brief artist biographies. Collaborators would also either vote to pick one charity to make contributions to; or pick one of their own and each collaborator would get an assigned block of time ( a month or 3 months, say) – so an agreed upon amount from any profit would go to that particular charity if the book was ordered during that time. I was also thinking that this project might need its own blog site at some point. That’s whats been mulling around in my brain anyway. I’d love feedback so please let me know what you think of my ideas so far. Hugs! Donna
      By the way, what’s the time difference between us?

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