God is calling my friend home to him sometime this weekend. I just found out a little while ago. I’ve been crying , and laughing – because I always laugh when I think of Lisa. Particularly when remembering Bruno and me short-sheeting her hotel bed on the choir trip last year when we were roomies, chaperones, and hall monitors. Then later, attempting to scare her by arranging her wig to look like a big spider on her makeup case. (she was ready for that one though) Good times. Hugs to the Westfield High School Choir Family! Love and Prayers to Lisa and her Family. You’re leaving a big imprint Lisa, you’ve made a difference. I’m grateful to have known you and shared the laughter. I haven’t got any more words right now.



12 thoughts on “Lisa

  1. I’m so sorry!! I saw the picture on reader, and knew it was yours from the colors! This is so moving–I’m sure it will be tough! Prayers for you and Lisa and her family…

  2. It’s always especially difficult to say goodbye when one is so young and vibrant, has given so much to the world in a short period of time, and has so much left to give. My thoughts are with Lisa’s family and you.

    • Thank you Kelly. I’ve only known her 2 years. Her Jessica and my Jocelyn were in the Choir together. Her husband wrote the other day on her hospice website ( she’s mostly quietly resting, but she said to him “We built our Home on Love” and said “love” with great passion. If that’s all Lisa ever did, it would be more than enough. I know God is eagerly awaiting her; and I hope when it’s time, she goes to him at speed.

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