Fortunes in War

An old bazaar scene in Kabul City, Afghanistan.

An old bazaar scene in Kabul City, Afghanistan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just the other day I happened across a wonderful blog site Sharon is a lovely woman currently living in Finland with her husband and son.  She and her family spent a few years living in Afghanistan and she has a unique perspective on the country that we Americans rarely see or hear about. Unless we go looking.  And I’m glad I did. The government and the media would like us to believe that Afghanistan is nothing but a dirty, war-torn, impoverished country that has nothing good to offer the world at large. Whose people would as soon blow up the rest of the planet as look at us. I’m sure there are people in that country who would like nothing better, but I discovered Sharon’s story of two brothers in Kabul – and it gave me pause to reflect that not everyone over there is interested in a jihad.

I would guess that most Afghanis are more interested in providing a safe, caring environment for their children to grow up in, than in anything else.    That’s certainly one reason we are fighting over there – so that more people can live without oppression,  so we can try to cut out the cancer of religious extremism. It’s a noble quest and many are serving nobly over there. Sharon managed to find oases of peace, beauty, and quiet strength in this unlikely place – and I don’t think she was really looking for them. I could be wrong, but I think they found her. How much we can learn from the children. Love always finds a way – even in the bleakest circumstances. There’s no prejudice, no generalizing, no profiling. There’s simply, in this case, two little boys playing with her little boy. And teaching us valuable lessons – the Universal Truths common to us all – Sharing and Caring for one another. Fortunes in War.  Here’s the link:The Little Boy of Kabul  Have your Kleenex handy.


15 thoughts on “Fortunes in War

  1. Afghanistan is one place I would love to visit one day to see the incredible cities sprawled between mountains. Love the photo of the bazaar as it reminds me of the bazaars in Egypt and Morocco, which are amazing places to meet people, barter and have sweet mint tea. Thank you for finding this blog, I’ll be signing up to follow her adventures! 🙂

  2. Dear Donna, thank you so much for writing this piece and for helping me tell the world about the Afghanistan nobody ever hears about – one of the last bastions of civilisation with some of the kindest, loyal, hospitable and most beautiful people in the world. Once upon a time I lived in Afghanistan and it changed my life forever. Sharon

      • My dearest Donna, you wrote such a beautiful piece and your kind and generous words warmed my heart the whole day… Thank you for remembering the people in a war they themselves had no say in. Once again, my heartfelt thanks dear one! HUGS for the many blessings brought my way! Sharon

          • If you can bless me so much from such a distance, what a lighthouse of blessing you must be to those around you! You make me sit still and say thank you God for lining up such wonderful people to come into my life! Thank you my dear new friend…

          • Sweetheart, you seriously just made my day, thank you! Do you have skype? We must video-chat soon if you do. is my email so you can send me contact information. Would LOVE to chat!! And I feel the same about the AWESOME people blogging has brought into my life!

          • thank you so much for the email address. I’ve just taken it down. We haven’t set up skype just yet. When my husband returns from the US (he’s on American soil right now!), I’ll get him to set it up. Take care my wonderful one! The world is made beautiful by kind folks like yourself. Goodnight from Finland 😀

  3. OK, you got me. This was a very moving piece, glad you found her blog, glad I took the time to read it. I do think there is a universal language spoken in every country by the young. Its called “children.” Well done

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