Spring Cleaning – One thing leads to another….

Hi all! I thought it was time to change it up a bit with the blog theme and layout after I started using the “360 Pano Camera” panorama app on my phone this morning. Hopefully I didn’t shock anyone too much 😉 I took the header picture while on a break during the Human Service Forum’s Administrative Professionals Day Workshops. So when I got home this afternoon I started playing around, intending only to feature one of the panoramic shots I took -somehow or other. One thing lead to another… and I ended up changing my theme to Twenty Eleven, with the best of the panoramic shots featured as my Header. I really really like the new app and this was THE perfect spot to try it out.

I took the photo at the back of The Log Cabin Banquet Facility, on the slopes of Mt Tom in Holyoke. The view itself looks WNW down on the town of Easthampton and beyond into Westhampton and the Berkshires. I love this photo for so many reasons. It symbolizes the dynamic, fluid nature of New England and Western MA. It’s also a great representation of my life – stormy, sunny, always changing, and always beautiful. I’m hoping my “ex-pat New Englander” blogger friends will enjoy the picture, and maybe even get a little nostalgic. (That means YOU Barney!) And last but not least, I love it because my Dad proposed to my Mom in the spring of 1959; a stones throw from where I snapped the photo….. Love and Hugs! D.


11 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning – One thing leads to another….

  1. Can’t find a comment section on the regular site. On my I-pad the come out different format.

    Anyway, I’ve seen that view a few times when that was a restaurant when I was younger! Great view and love the new header. I keep taking new shots of the views here, but haven’t beaten the view I use on my current header.

    Two Saturday’s ago we had a foot of snow, last Saturday 75 degrees, and today back down in the fifties. Like new England, if you don’t like the weather, just wait.

    I still love the Sierra Nevada mtns, and wouldn’t trade it for anything. By the way: we had ex-pats located in Taiwan for a company I worked for that had been there over20 years. Guess by that definition, I am an ex-pat too!

    Off to my writing group, have a great evening…

      • Got the bubble, thanks. Actually, on the I-Pad format, just a summary of the blogs comes up without the header and other items, and at the bottom are two things, one is comment, the other is “see all comments” So they always show there.

        Anyway great blog, really like the new layout, and one of these days I’ll get brave and look into doing some changes on mine.

        Thanks, always a great read.

          • Love it! After 35 years as a pc guy, I’m now totally Apple and dont know why I ever waited so long. Have a MacPro laptop for the “serious” work. They both automatically synch.

            I recommend at least the middle I Pad, memory wise. Pics and tunes rapidly fill up the smaller unit, I upgraded after only a few days! Apple store was great to work with, also.

          • Jocelyn has a macbook – loves it! and us girls all have iPhones. (from the 4S to the 3G, depending) Love our local Apple store and their online support is good too. I’ll need at least a 16gig unit for sure. Would you go with the iPad 2 or the new 3 if you were me?

          • always, if you are buying new, go with the latest. I have a II, and the differences are not that great, but still go with the III.

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