Yard work

Well the weather hasn’t really been cooperative enough lately for me to get outdoors and get my flower beds ready for the season (too cold for me) but today it’s like 77 degrees out, so Chaos, Mayhem, The Viking and I have been busily weeding, weed killing, and mulching for much of the afternoon. (the girls have also been watching “Legend of Korra” on Nickelodeon, and totally geeking out). I was disappointed to discover most of my periwinkles had succumbed to a mole invasion, and much of my thyme didn’t make it through the winter-neither did my lavender. I don’t know why. My black thumb is showing I guess. My mother can get things to grow anywhere, but I obviously did not inherit those genes.
However, my roses are doing nicely, even if they don’t like me much.(you should see my arm) Brent got me a nice trellis from Home Depot so we won’t have to pull the plant out of the fence like last year. (THAT was not fun). Mulch seems to be cheap right now – less than 4 bucks a bag; so we’re gonna stock up. Mr B is using the weed eater on the fence line and prepping to mow the entire lawn. I’m kicking back with a Mike’s. I’ve earned it. ;D