Photo Essay: Tiptoe Through the Tulips with Me!

I took these this afternoon at Amelia Park here in town. I liked how the late afternoon sun made the flowers glow. I also indulged my OCD and played with my ColorSplash app for a few hours tonight. Enjoy!















32 thoughts on “Photo Essay: Tiptoe Through the Tulips with Me!

      • no that wasn’t the name. Your piece on the Chesterfield Inn is what reminded me. It was a nice place that a couple ran. Had two sitting areas, one with a small bandstand that a3piece group played in. Went there for about 6 months before I went into the Air Force. It might of been in Huntington. Dated a girl who had a summer place in Worthington and we went there. Only real place to for 50 miles!

        Tks for trying just reliving some of my past lives.

        • Hmmmm. I’m gonna do some more research. Wildcat Springs was a nice place. Did your place have a front porch, and was it across from the river and railroad tracks? I must solve this mystery! 🙂

          • It was on the right side of the highway if you were heading NW. No rr tracks as it was in the hills surrounded mostly by woods, although in winter snowmobiles would come in on Saturday nights in groups. This is driving me nuts, too! I’m going to do some further research, too. Ty’s for your continued sleuthing!

        • Everyones thinking it was the Cedars. Mel Avery and his wife owned it, then the Lees bought it. Time frame for this would be mid/late 60’s or early 70’s?

          • Another source said it might be “The Drummers Club.” Up rte 20, then left across the bridge and up about 7 miles. Used to be a white building, but now I’m told it is red. That sounds familiar…

          • That could derfinitely be it. The second I read that something clicked….. I’ve posted on my fb page so ppl should be commenting soon!!!! I think ‘the case is sol-v-ed”, Inspector Clouseau!

          • Wow, you really got into this case, Inspector.

            I have been thinking a great deal recently about some of my past history, not in a small part since Ive been communicating with you and reminding me of past adventures.

            I hadn’t thought of Drummers for years and years, until your post on the Chesterfield Inn. Same with thoughts of Springfield. My brother lived there for years, out close to Wilbraham. He moved out about 5 years ago.

            Same with Mt. Tom, Mt. Park, and even Yankee Pedlar in Holyoke.

            Think there is a blog topic in here somewhere.

            Thanks for the help, let me know how FB works out, and you are so good at this, Inspector, perhaps I can enlist you to find some old HS friends???

          • If you’re not on Facebook, create an account. You can customize your privacy levels and friend only those you want to. is good too! But sure, I’ll help-it’s fun! What year’d you graduate? 70/72 ish?

          • I’m a privacy nut, a strong believer that too much of our personal information is out there and can only come back to haunt us in the future.

            As you are aware, FB has a policy that anything you post, in any manner or form, is their property in perpetuity. It can be redistributed, sold, and reviewed in any manner they choose, and they don’t even have to notify you, never mind ask your permission.

            Gov’t spying has gone over the top, and the NSA, for example, read hundreds of billions of our e-mails every day! Your phone records can be obtained and reviewed now without anyone even having to ask for a warrant. your movements can be tracked by your phones GPS, again without notification or warrant.

            Ever fill out one of those benign health surveys from your insurance carrier? Ever wonder why some people are suddenly dropped from their insurance plans? or can’t get replacement/new insurance? Think there is a connection???

            So anyway, you’ll never see me in FB, My Space, YouTube and Classmate’s telling me about someone in a school in florida being one of my peers from HS in Mass. is a bust.

            Now that my pet peeve/fear has been vented, my birthday is coming up, and one of my early presents came by mail last week; my Medicare card…

            The question that looms forever in my mind, “How did I ever get here?”

          • Thank you. I find it interesting that you, the Hermit, and I have relatively close birthdays. Great minds or Lousy luck…

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