Major Annoyance

It’s Friday the 13th for sure!!! Jocie goes online to register for classes next semester and is unable to due to a “hold” from the health office. They’re still missing her updated immunization records. Mind you, this will be the 4th time we have sent them the information they’ve requested, and they keep misplacing. I sweartagod there must be a black hole in her file folder. Of course, it would be helpful if the woman we’ve dealt with there was pleasant, but that is unfortunately not the case. So while we are at the drs office this morning, I will be securing yet another copy of her records and hand delivering them up to the college. I’m asking for a receipt this time…. Just sayin….

PS: At the drs now, the office staff remembers faxing all the info directly to the college at the end of February when she had her annual physical….. Gaahhh! Bureaucracy…….


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