My little buddy is feeling slightly better today. Momma took most of the afternoon off to make sure she’s actually getting better. I had some serious concerns about the antibiotic prescribed-given my allergy to it; and given that Missy-Miss still had a fever this morning. I was prepared to take her back to the doctor this afternoon, or at least get her meds changed if need be.

I got home about 1:30pm, Jill was in her pj’s and was still pale with red cheeks, and coughing. However, when I felt her forehead it was nice and cool. She isn’t quite as cuddly today, which is a sure sign she’s on the mend. It’s a good thing there’s a teachers inservice today to give her the extra time to regroup. She has one more day of school and then next week is spring break. (wait….wasn’t it just Christmas time a second ago?) So, everyone in the house has been sick but Mom. Keep your fingers crossed it passes me by…

Jill at the Dr’s yesterday. Photo by Jocelyn Erickson


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